Gary Johnson Supporters Run with ‘Dick’ Comment to Fight Trump

Gary Johnson AP PhotoAlbuquerque Journal, Eddie Moore

Hillary Clinton’s favorite Libertarian Party ticket is benefiting from #NeverTrump operative Liz Mair’s “loudmouthed dick” comment about Donald Trump.

Consultant Mair, who left the Scott Walker campaign in disgrace after disparaging the good people of Iowa, has spent this election cycle running an anti-Trump PAC and sliming Trump on the pro-Hillary Clinton news network CNN. Mair was the one responsible for the pro-Ted Cruz ad in Utah featuring nude photos of Melania Trump.

Mair strained for relevance again recently, calling Trump a “loudmouthed dick” on CNN.

The group Republicans For Johnson-Weld bought and the address now re-directs to Donald Trump’s website.

#NeverTrump, defeated at the convention in Cleveland, is now hitching its wagon to bleary-eyed low-energy Johnson in a craven attempt to cut into Trump’s vote share. The obvious beneficiary of the Johnson-Weld campaign is, of course, Clinton.

A top executive at the globalist progressive pro-Syrian refugee “libertarian” think tank the Niskanen Center recently spelled out the strategy: get the Libertarian Party to adopt a right-leaning platform so as to boost Clinton to the White House.

No wonder, then, that Johnson and Weld treated Clinton with kid gloves Wednesday night in their primetime CNN town hall with Anderson Cooper. Both candidates attacked Trump. Weld also defended Clinton on her email scandal. The Johnson-Weld ticket apparently thinks that sparking mass immigration to the United States is the foundation of American libertarianism. The mainstream media is happy to feature a new poll with Clinton leading in a “3-Way Race” with Johnson in it, though Green Party candidate Jill Stein is not included in that poll. Stein has also not been featured in a primetime Anderson Cooper town hall. Why not?

Johnson is known — or at least wants to be known — as a candidate with a Koch contact. As Breitbart News first reported, the Koch Brothers’ secret Beltway bank pulled out of the presidential race when Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee and left the door open to backing Clinton.

Observe, young libertarians, what your movement has become. Look at what has come of all those years of joint Libertarian and Conservative (“Conservatarian”) happy hours in Washington D.C. thrown by pro-amnesty Koch groups.

When the chips are down, the Libertarians are with Her.


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