‘Allegedly Murdered’ By ‘Undocumented Workers’: Politico Cleans Up Paul Ryan’s Primary Mess By Desecrating Angel Moms

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JANESVILLE, Wisconsin — Politico, the mainstream media publication, desecrated four angel moms whose children were killed by illegal aliens in a desperate bid to provide political protection for endangered House Speaker Paul Ryan.

In a lengthy piece that repeatedly insinuates that Ryan will face no problems winning on Tuesday in his primary challenge against the Republican candidate in Wisconsin’s first congressional district businessman Paul Nehlen, Politico claimed these moms’ kids were “allegedly murdered” by “undocumented workers.”

“On June 23, Nehlen flew the mothers of four children allegedly murdered by undocumented workers to Janesville and took them to Ryan’s home to present him pictures of their deceased,” Politico’s Rachael Bade filed in her piece from Ryan’s hometown here in Janesville. “Nehlen accused Ryan of personally causing their deaths because he hasn’t changed immigration policies.”

Politico is referencing how Julie Golvach, Agnes Gibboney, Michelle Root and Laura Wilkerson each spoke at a press conference Nehlen held outside Ryan’s mansion—which is fortified with a wall around the property.

Golvach’s son, Spencer, was shot dead as he pulled up to a red light in Texas by an illegal alien, Victor Reyes.

“Spencer Golvach often was out late, playing bass in a progressive rock band or, as was the case early Saturday, taking his girlfriend home,” the Houston Chronicle wrote in February 2015 about the incident. “As the 25-year-old musician’s vehicle idled at a stoplight near Northwest Mall in Spring Branch just before 1 a.m., a dark truck pulled up next to them. Without warning, its driver fatally shot Golvach before speeding off, according to police officials.”

Reyes, the illegal alien who killed Golvach, then engaged in a high-speed chase with police. An officer eventually killed Reyes when the illegal alien pulled his gun on the officer.

“Victor Reyes, 31, believed by police to be Golvach’s killer, became embroiled in a gun battle with the driver of another vehicle about 2½ hours later, a Harris County sheriff’s report said,” the Houston Chronicle wrote. “A deputy, responding to the sound of gunfire, reported seeing shots exchanged between the two cars as they sped down Little York. The driver of the second vehicle, 28-year-old Juan Garcia, was fatally wounded at the Barker Cypress intersection, authorities said. Reyes then fled the scene with the deputy in pursuit until Reyes crashed his vehicle into a field at the Fry Road intersection, authorities said. He emerged with a gun and refused to drop it, and the deputy, in fear for his life, fired his weapon once, killing Reyes, the sheriff’s office said.”

Reyes was previously deported multiple times by the U.S. government, but kept coming back illegally. He was deported for committing a variety of crimes, including violent crimes.

None of that—not even Golvach’s name—made it into the Politico report. But in this case, Reyes was not Spencer Golvach’s “alleged” murderer—and he is not an “undocumented worker.” He was, according to police, Golvach’s murderer. And he was an illegal alien.

Gibboney’s son Ronald da Silva was killed by an illegal alien who was convicted of the crime and is currently serving a sentence in prison because of it.

“The guy that killed my son has a determinate sentence in prison but I have a lifetime sentence of grief and pain,” Gibboney said previously, according to the Whittier Daily News. Back in 2002, da Silva—who was 29 years old—was standing in his girlfriend’s driveway when he was suddenly shot and killed by a previously deported illegal alien.

Gibboney told the Los Angeles Times she wants to build a wall on the border like Trump and Nehlen want to do—something Paul Ryan doesn’t support—and that “I want to lay the first brick if I can.”

Unsurprisingly, none of that made it into the Politico article. And since da Silva’s killer was convicted and is serving time in prison—and was previously deported—that makes neither the killer’s murder “alleged” nor the status of that person an “undocumented worker.” He was an illegal alien who committed murder of an American, and was convicted and sentenced for it.

Michelle Root’s 21-year-old daughter Sarah Root had just graduated from college with a 4.0 GPA this year the day before Eswin G. Mejia—an illegal alien—was drunk driving while street racing and crashed his truck into her car, killing Sarah. Mejia, who is currently a fugitive from authorities, was an illegal alien and so-called “unaccompanied minor” that the Department of Health and Human Services of President Barack Obama’s administration released into the general public. In the 2015 federal budget, Ryan funded the program that Mejia used to get released back in 2013.

“The driver of the pickup, identified by police as Eswin G. Mejia, was brought to the same hospital and then transferred to the Douglas County Jail,” the Washington Post’s Fred Barbash wrote about the January incident in mid-July. “His blood alcohol content was 0.241, the Register reported, three times the legal limit. Later that day, he was charged with motor vehicular homicide. Judge Jeffrey Marcuzzo set his bond at $50,000, meaning he had to post $5,000 to get out of jail, which a relative managed to do. He was released four days later. He was ordered back for mandatory drug screening on Feb. 8 but never showed. He disappeared and remains a fugitive sought by authorities to this day.”

None of the details of the horrors the Root family went through at the hands of Ryan-backed policies on immigration made it into the Politico article. But since Mejia was an illegal alien so-called “unaccompanied minor” released by the government through that HHS program, it is factually inaccurate in addition to being legally inaccurate to call him an “undocumented worker.”

Joshua Wilkerson, Laura’s son, was murdered by illegal alien so-called “DREAMer” Hermilio Moralez. Moralez has been convicted of Joshua Wilkerson’s gruesome murder, the details of which his mother has shared many times in the past few years in public.

“My name is Laura Wilkerson,” Wilkerson said at an anti-amnesty rally at the height of the “Gang of Eight” amnesty push in Richmond, Virginia—the area of now former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s district at the time—back in 2013. “My husband George and I live just outside Houston, Texas. We’ve been married 25 years and we’ve raised three children. Our youngest son, Joshua, was brutally murdered on Nov. 16, 2010, by a kid who was a classmate of him. We found out later he was from Belize, brought here illegally by his parents when he was about 10 years old. I’m just going to tell you the story. It’s sad story. If I cry, don’t let it bug you. It’s part of my daily routine at this point. I hope that it makes you mad, because I think Josh deserved to live if only because he was an American citizen.”

Wilkerson, as Breitbart News reported then and has many times since, walked through entirely awful and gruesome story.

“It was a typical Tuesday,” she said. “Joshua was in his senior year of high school and he was 18 years old. It was November and he would have graduated in May. He came in in the morning when I was getting ready for work and said ‘bye, Mom. I’m leaving to go to school.’ I said, ‘okay, I love you Josh. I’ll be home early today. I’ll be home around 1 o’clock.’ He said ‘I love you too, Mom.’ I said, ‘see ya.’ I stood there at the glass door and watched him get in his truck and he got to the end of the street and turn. I shut the door and went on and proceeded to get ready for work, never knowing it would be the last time I see him.”

Here’s an excerpt from Breitbart News’ reporting of Mrs. Wilkerson’s account from that rally back in Cantor’s backyard back in 2013:

Around 1:30 p.m., after she had not heard from Josh, she said “mother’s instinct” or perhaps God, made her think something was not right. “Josh was the kind of kid that he’d never been in trouble over a traffic ticket,” she said. “He always let me know where he was. I texted him and said ‘just let me know you’re okay.’”

After Josh did not respond to that text message, Mrs. Wilkerson said she “became frantic.”

“I just started to drive around and look,” she said, fighting off tears by this point in her speech. “I drove by a couple of his friends’ houses that I thought maybe he would go to and by the gym that he went to. Nothing. I looked around for about an hour or two and by the police station, no wrecks, no one in the hospital. Then I happened to look to the left and I saw his truck parked in a parking lot, a strip center by a dumpster. I stopped at it and looked at it. I could tell something was wrong; it had been driven through a field. There were seeds and grass, which was out of the ordinary. So, I called my husband to come. He came, and we called the police. They came, and in just a few minutes they asked me over and they slid open the dumpster next to the truck.”

Through sobs, Mrs. Wilkerson said the police then said to her: “Mom, are these his things?”

“Yeah,” she responded, as police pulled Josh’s shoes, backpack and other belongings out of the dumpster his truck was parked next to.

“I knew then he was dead, not coming home,” Mrs. Wilkerson said. “I just didn’t know how or why. None of it made sense to me. At any rate, we were finally told to go home from that parking lot at 11 at night. So we went home, just shocked and stunned, not knowing anything.”

Around 3 a.m., she said, police came back to see her and her husband at their home and informed them they had a suspect in custody. Police told them to be back at that parking lot at 6 a.m. because Texas Equusearch, a mounted search, recovery and rescue team in the state, was going to look for Josh. “We think he’s hurt and we think he needs help,” she said the police told her. “And we need to find him.”

“Now, when you hear the words, none of it makes sense,” she said. “It doesn’t make sense. The word ‘suspect’? You hear that every day, I thought. Nothing makes sense to me. At any rate we went to the parking lot the next day and Texas Equusearch looked for Josh with ATVs, boats, sonar, horses. They walked a grid. The community just poured out for Josh. It was incredible. It was just unbelievable. We stayed in that parking lot until dark and then we went home.”

About 20 minutes later, police visited their home again. “The detectives, they came in and I just looked at them,” Mrs. Wilkerson said. “I said, ‘you found him.’ They said ‘yes.’ I said, ‘what did he look like?’ He said ‘I didn’t see him.’ I should have known that he did, but he didn’t want to tell me about it.”

Wilkerson said she will always remember the look on the detective’s face when he told her the suspect in custody, Hermilio Moralez, was not in America legally.

“I’ll never forget looking in that detective’s eyes as he was telling me, ‘yeah this kid is in the country illegally,’” Mrs. Wilkerson told the crowd in Richmond. “I said ‘where are his parents?’ He said, ‘we can’t ask him.’ He couldn’t ask them because it was a sanctuary city at that time. I thought, ‘really? You could pull me over and ask me any question under the sun, legally, but you can’t ask that?’ It just made no sense to me. It stuck in my head forever.”

After two years of waiting for a trial, the Wilkersons finally got more answers and saw Moralez convicted in January of this year. At the trial, she said, “the horror was just incredible.”

“We found out later that what he [Hermilio Moralez] did was he asked Josh for a ride home from school and Josh said, ‘sure,’” Mrs. Wilkerson said. “I think he’d given him a ride home two or three times before. He took him actually to his parents’ house. For some reason, we found out later why, what he did to Josh was he hit him in the nose, and this is what the kid tells from the stand, he hit him in the nose so hard that it would blind him so that he couldn’t fight back. Then he kicked him so hard in the stomach. Josh was about this big around and he weighed about 100 pounds in the body bag. He kicked him so hard in the stomach that his liver sliced in two and his spine sliced in two. He ruptured his spleen. He took a closet rod and beat Josh over the head so hard with it that it broke in four pieces. He strangled him, then let him go. Strangled him, let him go. Per the medical examiner, it was just torturous. After he murdered him, as he said, when Josh quit having bloody bubbles come out of his nose, he knew he was gone, he tied him up like an animal with about 13 ropes from his the back of his neck to the back of his hands, to the back of his feet. He covered his head with his school shirt. Then he put him in the back of my son’s truck and he drove around and he took two dollars out of Josh’s wallet and he stopped and bought gas. Then he took him to a field and he took his wallet and school ID out and just placed it by the body. Then he doused him with gas and set him on fire. It was just incredible. You just don’t even believe something like this will happen to your family, let alone to just your kid. What we saw in the beginning of the trial, in the opening, was the police going out to this itty bitty trail and there you saw, when they finally got to Josh, you finally saw him in the fetal position, barefooted, charred, bound up. The policeman said he looked like a doll. He didn’t even look real. He looked so tiny. Then after that in the trial the next picture was of his face after they removed his shirt. It was horribly disfigured by the closet rod. So one of the last pictures I saw of Josh was one where his face is just — one of his eyebrows is here, and the other is very low. It’s something you don’t want to be reminded of.”

Mrs. Wilkerson said that during the trial, Moralez “was proud on the stand.”

“He got up there and said he was trained to kill and that Josh had kicked his dog and that his killing skills took over,” she said. “From the stand, his said his culture was very different than ours. And he really was excited about what he had done. He never once showed any amount of remorse or sorrow for what he did to Josh.”

She told those at the rally that, “I assure you this was my 9-11. This was my terrorist attack.”

“It was as if a bomb went off in my family,” she said. “And we will forever be picking the pieces up. Forever. We’ll never be the same. Ever. To have to stand up here and think about this Gang of Eight and it makes no sense to me. Why aren’t they mad that they allowed someone to just walk across a border and kill an American citizen? I want you to be mad about it more than I want you to be sad for me.”

Guess what? None of these details made it into Politico’s piece. But what’s more, Politico’s blanket description of him as an “alleged murderer” who is an “undocumented worker” is also factually inaccurate. In the case of this story, Moralez—since he was an illegal alien brought here as a minor by his parents from Belize before this so-called DREAMer killed Joshua Wilkerson—was not an “undocumented worker.” He also, since he has been convicted of killing Wilkerson, is not an “alleged” murderer. He is a murderer.

Politico’s Bade, the author of the story, has not responded to a request for comment sent by Breitbart News hours ago. She also has not updated the piece and the inaccuracies remain despite her awareness now of the fact the claim is inaccurate.

Politico’s communications director, Brad Dayspring—who ironically worked for Cantor previously, before helping tank the presidential campaign of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker because of his work on behalf of the Washington establishment—has also not responded to a request for comment.

Politico has taken a decided bent toward the Washington establishment, and specifically the progressive left, in recent weeks and months as its old bull news reporters and editors like Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen have started leaving while younger more progressive media staff take over. Politico’s new national political editor Kristen Roberts, as Breitbart News has reported, has admitted that she was recently registered as a member of the Democratic Party—though she now claims she is registered independent—as many others at the company have also been discovered to be registered Democrats either past or present.

Meanwhile, Ken Vogel, one of Politico’s top reporters who co-bylined a previous piece with Bade on the Nehlen-Ryan race, was caught recently sharing his articles with the Democratic National Committee before publication. Dayspring, on Politico’s behalf, admitted that what Vogel did was wrong. But there have been to this point no consequences for Vogel’s actions—which were all discovered as part of the DNC email leak published by WikiLeaks right before the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia last month.

Instead of reporting on the stories of these moms whose kids were murdered, Politico offered up a piece that served to bash Nehlen on Ryan’s behalf.

The article in which Bade desecrated the angel moms’ stories called Nehlen “Ryan’s little-known, long-shot primary challenger” while claiming Ryan “is extremely popular in his district.”

“To be clear: this is no Eric Cantor situation,” Politico declares in the piece. “Ryan is expected to clobber Nehlen in the 1st Congressional District, which Trump lost to Ted Cruz in the state’s April presidential primary by 19 points.”


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