Mormon Candidate Will Not Answer Question Regarding Mormon Focus of Campaign

Monday night on CNN, Utah-based third-party candidate former CIA official and Brigham Young grad Evan McMullin deflected the question when asked if his candidacy will deprive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump of a win in Utah which has roughly a 60 percent Mormon population.

Partial transcript as fallows:

BERMAN: Can I talk about one state which could be a microcosm of what’s going on? I hear people say Utah, that you could do particularly well in Utah. You are Mormon, you are LDS, you grew up, you know, near there.


BERMAN: If you split the votes, split the Republican vote in Utah, there are some people who suggest you could actually hand the state to Hillary Clinton. Utah’s a state that hasn’t voted, you know, Democrat in a long, long, long time. If you deprived, if all you did in this election was deprive Donald Trump Utah, would that be worth it to you?

MCMULLIN: Look, Donald Trump is already losing badly to Hillary Clinton. He is a weak candidate and he’s performing that way. And he continues to get worse every day, every week with the things he says. It seems that he can’t control what he says because the things he says don’t serve his best interests. So the big picture is that Donald Trump is already losing badly. He’s competing against a Democratic candidate that I think is one of the weakest in decades or if not the weakest in decades and his losing. He was losing before I entered this race.


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