Shills For Hill: Failing NYT Leads Liberal Media’s Offensive Against Trump Supporters

The New York Times Co. has been hit by weaker advertising revenues as it seeks to navigate a transition to digital.

The old liberal media, led by The New York Times, has opened a new line of attack in their ongoing effort to carry Hillary Clinton’s water in the 2016 presidential election by attacking supporters of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The New York Times kicked off the new and seemingly coordinated effort to marginalize Trump supporters with the release of a short video, Voices From Donald Trump’s Rallies, Uncensored.

The video starts with the trigger warning, “this video includes vulgarities and racial and ethnic slurs.” The video admits that it was compiled from “more than a year” of covering Trump rallies, although it runs just over three minutes.

With more than a year of filming, what kind of horrors made the three-minute cut to be used to brand all Trump supporters? The video starts with a young man using the term “beaners” and chants of “build the wall.” Next, an exuberant Trump supporter yells “f*ck political correctness.” Can you imagine? I guess someone won’t be getting an invite to the next NYT cocktail party.

A man wearing a “f*ck Islam” shirt – who is being escorted out of a rally for refusing to take the shirt off, by the way – kicks off the section of the video where Trump supporters are branded as religious bigots because they talk about Muslims and Islam by saying things that are outside the approved politically correct way to describe Islam as a “religion of peace.”

The next segue in the video is particularly subversive after the video shows a man using the Nazi salute and saying “Seig Heil.” The video transitions to a crowd with their arms raised pledging to go to the polls on Tuesday and vote for Donald Trump. After a fuzzy clip showing ONE WHOLE PERSON using the word “n*gger,” the video laments the fact that people “go wild” when protesters are ejected from rallies they tried to disrupt.

After that, the video goes back to people who actually want to see our immigration laws enforced and it even has a woman who has the audacity to suggest that immigrants who don’t speak English and don’t contribute should “get out.” Assimilation and contribution from immigrants, Paul Krugman would not approve.

The video ends with the big reveal that Trump supporters really don’t like Hillary Clinton. They call her mean names and there is even a button that reads, “KFC Hillary Special, two fat thighs, two small breasts… left wing.” You can almost hear the NYT reporters editing the video saying, don’t these hicks understand that Hillary is only to be referred to as courageous, brave, and brilliant?!?

All in all, the dramatic video uses a handful of clips to try to brand tens-of-millions of Trump supporters as dangerous racists, misogynists, and extremists. It’s a tactic that supporters of the Tea Party will remember: the old liberal media desperately searching for any tidbit they can find to reinforce the false narrative they are pushing – namely, that anyone who opposes liberalism is some kind of “ist”.

After the NYT video was posted, the rest of the media took the cue and joined in to assist the effort to marginalize Trump’s supporters. People ran an article featuring the video headlined, “Inside a Donald Trump Rally: The Nasty, Sexist, Racist Chants By His Supporters.” RawStory chipped in with “A Neuroscientist Explains What May Be Wrong With Trump Supporters Brains.”

Dozens of other outlets also started to push the narrative designed to keep people from identifying as a Donald Trump supporter. It’s a tactic straight out of the Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and a role the old media is happy to play to help Hillary. However, it’s one tactice that could backfire due to the lack of popularity and credibility of the media outlets pushing it.

Dustin Stockton is a political reporter for Breitbart News, a community liaison for Gun Owners of America, and a political strategist. Follow him on Twitter @DustinStockton or  Facebook.


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