SAD!…Desperate NeverTrumpers Try to Get Trump Removed from the Ticket


Marginalized former Republican elected officials are still trying to stop Donald Trump just as Trump is picking up newfound momentum.

Exploiting a several-week rough patch for Trump that mostly centered around his initial non-endorsement of Paul Ryan, some aging political relics tried to hurtle themselves back into mainstream relevance. News networks reported on a letter signed by “70 Republicans” calling for Reince Priebus to stop RNC funding for the Republican nominee. But letter organizer Andrew Weinstein told Breitbart News that his group did not even attempt to reach out to currently-serving Republican members of Congress, noting that it would be more difficult for them to buck the party’s nominee.

On Friday, Breitbart News obtained an “An Open Letter To Morton Blackwell” written by Beau Correll, a Ted Cruz delegate in Virginia who took part in the failed anti-Trump “Free the Delegates” movement in Virginia with political casualty Ken Cuccinelli.

Correll’s letter to Blackwell, a Cruz supporter who decided to stop making waves once Trump became the clear nominee, reeks of desperation. It is presented in its entirety below:

Dear Morton,

Thank you for this message.  I am seeing many voter registration efforts by Democrats in my part of the state as well.

As a grassroots conservative, former Republican unit Chairman, and former student at your Leadership Institute trainings, I can tell you that the writing is on the wall.  Short of outside influence, Trump has zero chance of electability at this point due to his many self-inflicted wounds.  He will be blown out in the electoral college.  He is losing on every single metric.  His continued presence and lack of discipline may yield the loss of the Senate, loss of the Supreme Court, and may cause the dark age for conservatism.  Many people are saying he is intentionally attempting to lose or he is mentally defective.

Please join other members of the RNC in signing this petition to call a meeting under Rule 8 and recall his nomination under Rule 9.  Rule 9 allows a vacancy to be filled in the event of “death, declination, and otherwise.”  Similarly to if a candidate committed a felony and became ineligible to hold office, was medically incapacitated, or impeached and removed under our Constitution, “otherwise” allows for the revocation of Donald Trump’s nomination on multiple grounds.  Rule 4, which deals with officers and committee members, helps to fill in the “otherwise” proviso in Rule 9.  That rule, in pertinent part, allows for declaring a vacancy in the event of removal and disqualification.  Both of which are applicable in this case.

RNC members must recall Trump and hold him to account for his kamikazee campaign and if he does not assuage concerns, remove him and replace him with someone capable of defeating Hillary Clinton.  Donald Trump is not capable.  He/we will be humiliated in the debates due to his extreme deficiency in basic civics-related facts.

The only procedural hurdle is that once 16 signatories are submitted, that the enclosed agenda must be adopted at the RNC meeting.

Recalling Donald Trump’s nomination is required because he broke his word – to all of us.  By carrying our Party’s nomination, he implicitly promised that he would run a credible, disciplined, and successful campaign.  Instead, he made a promise to create Super PACs to attack Republicans and a host of other undeniable, damaging accusations.   He has broken his word to all of us and for that there should be consequences.  The consequence he should bear is the recall of his nomination, immediately.

I have CC’d Senator Humphrey should you have any questions that I cannot answer.


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