Trump Taunts the Clintons: I’m Glad Monica Kept the Blue Dress

Bill and Monica AP The Dress Getty

Donald Trump taunted Bill and Hillary Clinton Saturday over the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Trump asked the crowd at his rally in Fairfield, Connecticut if they remember Bill Clinton’s claim that he never had sex with “that woman.”

“I’m so glad they kept that dress,” Trump said of Monica Lewinsky’s semen-stained blue dress that she wore during an oral sex encounter with Bill Clinton.

“It shows what the Hell they are,” Trump said.

Trump also threatened in the rally to revoke The New York Times‘ press credentials as he did for The Washington Post.

I’m not going to be controlled by lobbyists. I am not going to be controlled by special interests,” Trump vowed. “She [Clinton] is completely controlled by the hedge funders. They’re fine. But these are not nice people.”

“They are going to make deals that are bad for the country but good for them.”

“Folks, if I get in, that’s not going to happen. Because I couldn’t give a damn for them,” Trump said, holding up his new trademark poster props.