FLASHBACK–Edward Klein: Clinton Demanded Private Elevator at Trump Tower during Senate Campaign

Hillary Wins Senate AP Photo:Ron Edmonds
Washington, DC

When Hillary Clinton was running for Senate in 2000, she apparently didn’t want to share an elevator with the millionaires living at Trump Tower and allegedly requested that the management at the luxury skyscraper allow her exclusive use of one of its elevators, according to investigative journalist Edward Klein.

The former secretary of state would stay at Steven Spielberg’s corporate apartment inside Trump Tower off of Fifth Avenue in New York City during her Senate campaign. Spielberg had been helping Clinton with her appearance during speeches, giving her critiques on how she came across when she spoke, according to Klein.

In Klein’s 2015 book Unlikeable The Problem with Hillary, he details Clinton’s demand to Trump Tower:

Spielberg let her use his corporate apartment in the Trump Tower on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue when she ran for a Senate seat from New York in 2000. Hillary felt right at home in the lavish surroundings, and she crashed at Spielberg’s pied-à-terre more than twenty times. Accustomed as she was to being treated like royalty, she asked the management of Trump Tower to give her the exclusive use of one of its elevators. The management refused. She had to share an elevator with the skyscraper’s other millionaire peons.

Klein is an author and former editor in chief at New York Times Magazine.

The Clinton campaign didn’t respond to a request for comment.