A ‘Monster’ — Trump’s Immigration Speech Sparks Fear And Loathing In The Clinton Campaign

CINCINNATI, OH - AUGUST 31: Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks at the American Legion Convention August 31, 2016 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Clinton spoke about her vision for America's military and foreign policy. (Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)

Members of Hillary Clinton’s campaign are reacting to Donald Trump’s speech on immigration. They’re unable to contain their loathing of the Republican presidential candidate.

“I’m really sorry for anyone watching this monster and afraid for your family,” wrote Clinton’s Digital Director Jenna Lowenstein during the speech. “We’re better than this.”

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“As a non-immigrant, I’m absolutely horrified and shaking right now,” Clinton’s social media director Emmy Bengtson wrote, as Trump promised to deport illegal immigrants. “This isn’t who we are.”

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“Turning to hate and fear of other people feels easier when you’ve lived tragedy, but it’s cynical,” she continued. “Playing on that fear to win is revolting.”

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Rapid response director Rob Flaherty tweeted out a link to a bottle of bourbon, calling it “The most important companion to a Trump speech.”

“This is repulsive,” wrote Ian Sams, a state commutations representative for Clinton.

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“In case you missed it, he’s talking about how she isn’t a man,” Bengtson announced, after Trump criticized Clinton for not having the “stamina” to make America great again.

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“This sounds like the Breitbart comments section strung together in paragraph form,” Zerlina Maxwell the Progressive Media Director for Clinton’s campaign wrote. “What dystopian novel are we living through right now?”

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Maxwell had other hot takes as Trump outlined his commitment to a deportation force.

“This is completely absurd,” she wrote. “Are you friggin kidding me rn.”

Later she tweeted out a photo of Trump’s new “Make Mexico Great Again Also” hat. “I am now convinced we are in the upside down,” she wrote, referring to the alternate universe featured in the Netflix TV series Stranger Things.

Teddy Goff, a digital/tech employee for Clinton tweeted out a picture of a tweet from Ann Coulter calling Trump’s speech “the most magnificent speech ever given.”

“Oh my god,” he wrote. “Trump retweeted this.”

“The entire Breitbart homepage is gold right now,” wrote Jesse Lehrich, Clinton’s Foreign Policy Spokesperson tweeting a screenshot of the Breitbart homepage.

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“From the big tent party to Sheriff Joe’s “tent city” party…,” Lehrich added.

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After the speech, Hillary Clinton’s National Latino Vote Director Lorella Praeli sent the following statement to supporters:

In his darkest speech yet, Donald Trump doubled down on his anti-immigrant rhetoric and attempted to divide communities by pitting people against each other and demonizing immigrants. Trump committed to sending a new “Deportation Task Force” into American communities, rescinding the President’s executive actions to protect DREAMers and their families, building a wall that he continues to claim will be paid for by Mexico, and made clear that “Operation Wetback” was not severe enough. The only immigrants allowed in the future are those that pass Donald Trump’s own test of ‘desirability.’


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