Cheryl Mills Immunity Bombshell: She Avoided Signing Mandatory Security Forms


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Top Hillary Clinton aide Cheryl Mills was granted immunity by the Department of Justice in the federal FBI investigation into the Clinton email scandal.

Mills was reportedly given immunity right before the Feds started looking through her computer for classified information. Why was Mills given immunity? Why did this information come out, through congressional sources, on Friday?

Mills could be in hot water.

Bombshell evidence shows that Mills may never have qualified for a security clearance to view classified information. This evidence becomes especially meaningful now. Just this week, a federal judge ruled that the State Department must start turning over information pertaining to the security training, briefings, and clearances that were undertaken or obtained by Hillary Clinton and her aides including Mills.

Breitbart News exclusively reported in February that Clinton never qualified for a security clearance, according to evidence obtained by citizen researcher Larry Kawa. The evidence showed that the State Department never signed and executed Clinton’s Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement. Former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele went to bat for the credibility of the evidence.

But there was a buried lede: Mills’ Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement was also never signed or executed by the State Department. A copy of that document currently exists on the State Department website.

Mills also never signed an important mandatory form pertaining to her access to classified information.

Breitbart News reported in February that both Clinton and Mills failed to sign a mandatory form confirming that they returned all classified materials in their possession to the State Department:

Cheryl Mills also skipped the exit procedure.

A Separation Statement exists for top Clinton aide Cheryl Mills, and a copy of it was quietly released by the State Department.

You might notice something fairly jarring: the statement was never signed, by Mills or anyone else. It was left blank.

Cheryl Mills, like Clinton, avoided having to affirm that she “surrendered to responsible officials all classified or administratively controlled documents and material with which I was charged or which I had in my possession.”

Unlike Mills, Clinton aide Huma Abedin signed a separation statement and security debriefing acknowledgment in February 2013.

Huma Abedin, whose documents are in order, was not granted immunity.


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