Video: Hillary Clinton Conquers Stairs, Curb with Aides Watching Closely

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Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton gingerly navigated stairs and a curb as she slowly left a building to enter a vehicle in Manhattan Sunday afternoon, with several staffers and her security detail closely monitoring her progress.

In a video taken by an ABC News reporter, Clinton emerges from the building, holding onto the door frame while two aides hold the door open — one above her, one below her. She then takes a sideways step towards the metal railing and slowly makes her way down the stairs with an apparent Secret Service agent behind her.

“Secretary Clinton, do you feel ready for the debate?” a female reporter chirps. Her tone becomes more subdued as she asks: “Are you feeling good? For tomorrow night?”

“Hi!” Clinton says as she sees the reporter and heads to her car.

“I know, I found you!” the reporter continues.

“I’m glad to see you!”

“Are you feeling good for tomorrow?”

“Getting ready! Getting ready!” Clinton says, gripping both of the van’s open doors as she prepares to step off the curb and into the vehicle. The security officer gets within arm’s reach and holds the van doors as she makes the climb.

Questions about Clinton’s health have plagued her for months, erupting into a national story when she collapsed in the middle of the 9/11 memorial ceremony in New York City. A Breitbart/Gravis poll conducted this week found only 50 percent of voters felt sure she was healthy enough to become Commander in Chief.

H/T: Mike Cernovich


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