RNC Finds Roger Clinton Living in House Owned by Former Bill Clinton Adviser

Bill and Roger Clinton AP

The Republican National Committee wants to know why Bill Clinton’s former adviser purchased the house in California that Bill Clinton’s black sheep half-brother Roger lives in.

An RNC memo from chief strategist Sean Spicer spells out the mystery:

Justin Cooper owns an almost $900,000 home in the lush hills of an upscale Los Angeles suburb.

But interestingly enough, he doesn’t live there. Roger Clinton does.

Cooper is Bill Clinton’s body man turned wheeler-dealer. He’s gone from making a modest salary working in the White House to setting up an LLC just to buy a home for the president’s brother to live in.

But how and why has he suddenly become Roger Clinton’s real estate agent and financier?

Why would Cooper, despite living in Manhattan, be the one to purchase a home in California that was intended as someone else’s residence? And how did he get the money to do it?

Before the time of the sale in 2009, Roger Clinton already had over $89,000 in numerous federal and state tax liens against him, which would have made purchasing a property for himself difficult.

How did Cooper, a career body man, scrounge up the money necessary to pay for a mortgage that no doubt would have been over a million dollars, including interest?”

Cooper has been an integral force in Bill Clinton’s post-presidential activities, during the period in which Clinton earned many millions of dollars in speaking fees around the world.

Cooper testified in the FBI investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal, revealing that Huma Abedin came up with the idea for Hillary Clinton to use a private email server. Abedin claimed that she did not know Hillary Clinton was using a private server while she was at the State Department.

Roger Clinton has been a part-time musician:


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