Trump New Voter Registration Soars: 2 Million Door Knocks in a Week and a Half

Voter Reg for Trump AP

Pro-Trump Republicans knocked on two million doors in the last week and a half and are putting up massive new voter registration numbers.

The hurricane in Florida slowed door knocking efforts but the phone game there is still strong and the ground game is not expected to miss a beat once the weather conditions improve. In Pennsylvania, heavy rains did not stop the Trump force from knocking on 100,000 doors in one day alone.

The Republican National Committee provided new voter registration numbers to Breitbart News:

  • Florida Net:  +261,715
  • Iowa Net:  +38,913
  • Nevada Net:  +12,720
  • North Carolina Net:  +173,785
  • Pennsylvania Net:  +223,552

The Pennsylvania number is especially significant. Republicans signed up 30,000 people there in September alone. The Trump campaign in Pennsylvania is fired up but did not want to go on record at this time, in part because Generals MacArthur and Patton would not telegraph to the enemy their next moves.

Absentee ballot requests are going up for the GOP

Florida: 335,000 more requests for absentee ballots among Republicans

Iowa: The Iowa Trump Train is going day by day with their number collecting. On Wednesday, Republicans put in 5,000 more requests for absentee ballots than Democrats, who are seeing a 51 percent drop in their ballot requesting numbers.

Michigan: Republicans are beating Democrats in absentee ballot requests by 59,000. Republicans are leading the daily race by 1,642 ballot requests per day over the last two weeks.

North Carolina: Republicans are beating Democrats by 1,902 ballot requests in the last three days, pointing to hopeful signs in the immediate future.

Pennsylvania: Republicans are losing to Democrats in absentee ballot requests by less than 1,000, but Republicans have “posted gains 11 of the past 14 days,” according to the RNC.


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