Democratic Senate Candidate Patty Judge Confused by Sanctuary Cities, Sarah’s Law


A Democratic Senate candidate running in Iowa revealed herself as unaware about sanctuary cities and the threat they pose to American communities, as well as pending legislation created after an illegal alien murdered a young Iowan, an interview with local media reveals.

The Obama-backed Patty Judge is running against incumbent Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley in November for Senate and supports the administration’s unilateral, illegal decision to protect millions of illegal aliens from deportation.

The Sioux City Journal asked Judge if she would support stripping federal aid from jurisdictions that refuse to cooperate with immigration officials at the federal level.

“How about sanctuary cities?” the Journal began. “That gets a lot of discussion and there’s been talk about denying federal aid, for example, to cities that have—through policies of their own local laws become sanctuary cities, which in effect means they don’t have to talk to or cooperate with federal immigration officials.”

“Would you support denying aid to sanctuary cities?” the paper asked.

“Well, you know I am really not clear in my mind what a sanctuary city is, and I guess there are cities that—” Judge replied, while the Journal explained that California’s San Francisco is one.

“And why do they qualify—what do they do that makes them a sanctuary city?” Judge asked. “I’ve actually asked my staff the same.”

“It’s usually through a policy or through a law they pass that they do not and will not—it limits the extent to which they must cooperate with federal immigration officials,” the Journal explained. “For whatever reason, they feel it’s beneficial for them to not cooperate—they think perhaps that fosters better relationships with that population within their jurisdiction.”

“That makes it very difficult then—and things like the Steinle case in San Francisco happened and the woman was murdered,” the Journal continued. “The undocumented alien had been released from custody multiple times and ended up murdering someone. Immigration didn’t know they had released the person. They were not consulted. San Francisco has a sanctuary policy or law in place that they were not required to do that.”

“I guess part of that that I really don’t understand is, how they have the authority to not cooperate?” Judge asked. “Yeah, I don’t understand that.”

“Are you familiar with Sarah’s Law?” the paper asked.

“No, I’m sorry, I am not,” Judge said.

“Sarah Root, the Iowa college student who was killed in Omaha earlier this year?”

“Oh, yes, now refresh—I do remember this,” Judge said.

“Again undocumented, released from custody. There’s a bill that’s been proposed in Congress to a — it would essentially require if there was a death or serious injury to someone caused by an undocumented individual that that federal immigration authorities would be required to be notified and they would take custody of that individual If a serious injury or a death resulted,” the paper replied.

“But if you are not familiar with it, it’s probably not fair to put you on the spot and ask you if you would support that legislation?”

Judge did not give a definitive answer. “Well, it’s certainly something I would look at.”

“Several of the sponsors were Senator Grassley and Senator Ernst and Congressman King, because the case involves an Iowa woman,” the paper continued. “A 21-year-old college student who was killed and so they have gotten behind that legislation. I was going to ask you if you supported that legislation, but again, if you are not familiar with that legislation then perhaps that isn’t a fair question. I would encourage you to—”

“I will look at it,” Judge said.

It’s remarkable that Judge is unaware of sanctuary cities and even Sarah Root, considering the national uproar surrounding both topics. An illegal alien (“unaccompanied minor”) released into the U.S. interior and into the custody of an illegal alien family member rear-ended Root on January 31 while street-racing drunk, underage, and without a license, right after she graduated from college. ICE determined that Root’s killer did not meet “enforcement priorities,” and so he vanished shortly after posting bond. His bond was less than what it cost to bury Sarah, her devastated father said.

Sarah’s Law would require immigration officials to detain illegal aliens suspected of killing or maiming someone.


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