WikiLeaks: Clinton Campaign Discards Shootings That Do Not Further Gun Control Agenda

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An email contained in WikiLeaks’ ongoing releases from John Podesta’s email account shows Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff discarding shootings that fail to further the gun control agenda.

Case in point is the shooting death of black teen Jordan Davis, who was killed by a white adult male.

In an email exchange dated January 14, 2016, Clinton campaign staffers are trying to figure out which shootings to highlight in a gun control essay intended to appeal to mothers. The essay, written by Marie Claire, was in draft form at the time emails were being exchanged, and Clinton had been asked to contribute to it. As a result, staffers were trying to decide whether to include Davis’ shooting death or discard it.

Campaign director of engagement, De’Ara Balenger, reviewed the draft, then emailed:

This is great. My edits are attached. The only flag here is that Jordan Davis was killed by a white man, so arguably – this crime was racially motivated, which takes this outside the discussion of gun violence. Was there another mother in the Chicago meeting where the shooting was NOT racially motivated? If yes, we should use that story instead of Jordan Davis.

Staffer Corey Ciorciari replied, “You know where I stand on this. It can be racially motivated and gun violence should still very much be part of the discussion. Even more so here given that Jordan’s mom is one of the leading gun violence prevention proponents in the country.”

In the end, the story of Jordan Davis being shot and killed did not make the final cut for Hillary Clinton’s contribution to the essay. Instead, Clinton wrote a plea to domestic abuse victims and moms in general, tossing in a mention of firearm-related child deaths, as well:

Maybe someone you love has been affected by domestic violence, and you care about keeping guns away from abusers. Maybe you love hunting but think felons shouldn’t be able to buy handguns. Maybe you’re a mom who wants guns nowhere near your kids. Maybe you have a gun in your home for protection and went through a background check to get it and think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with other people having to do the same. Or maybe you’re just deeply concerned about a political system that can’t get the most basic law passed, even as thousands of children die.

Whatever your reason, I hope you’ll join me in insisting that ending gun violence is a priority in this election.

It should be noted that Clinton’s suggestion that “thousands of children die” from guns is not accurate. The left justifies such phraseology by counting teens under the age of 18 as children. This allows them to use teens who are prime age for gang activity–ages 15 to 17–as examples of children who have been killed with guns.

Either way, Jordan Davis’ death did not make the final cut for Clinton’s essay.

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