Washington Post Does Damage Control for Clinton on O’Keefe Gun Control Video


Following the October 13 release of the video in which Senate candidate Russ Feingold (D-Minn.) told James O’Keefe that Hillary Clinton could use executive action to bypass Congress, the Washington Post responded that Clinton’s plans to go it alone on gun control are old news.

In other words, no use watching the video because it does not contain anything new. And while you are at it, no use reading Wikileaks either, as the WaPo suggests the leaked emails showing plans for executive action are old news too.

The WaPo began by trying to diminish O’Keefe’s hidden camera video, saying,

The [hidden camera video], dramatically titled “Russ Feingold: Hillary Might Issue Executive Order on Guns,” shows O’Keefe suiting up and driving to a Palo Alto, Calif., fundraiser for Feingold. (The Democrat’s short stint at Stanford University, and fundraising and California, have been attacked by Republican Sen. Ron Johnson’s campaign.) Once there, an unidentified Project Veritas reporter prompts Feingold to talk about guns.

They then suggest Clinton and Feingold’s support of using executive action for gun control has not been a “secret.” They point to Feingold’s support of President Obama’s January 5 executive gun controls and they quoted a Breitbart News story from May, the focus of which was Clinton’s plans for executive controls. They took the same approach with the emails released via Wikileaks. They stressed that Clinton’s support of using executive action to circumvent Congress on guns was not a secret or else Clinton press secretary Brian Fallon would have refrained from corresponding about it with pollster John Anzalone.

The WaPo concludes, “As with many WikiLeaks-inspired stories on the right, the undercover Feingold tape reveals something any attentive voter or reporter knew already, but it does it with an air of intrigue.”

It is interesting to note that the WaPo story conveniently omits the fact that Feingold was not the only person talking about Clinton’s gun control plans in the O’Keefe video. Another individual, Amy Rao, also spoke on the hidden camera video. Rao is a friend of Clinton’s and hosted the Feingold fundraiser where the video footage was filmed.

It’s a safe to assume Rao’s words are the ones the WaPo does not want readers to read. Rao said, “Hillary wants to shut it down. She wants to shut it down,” referring to guns. She continued: “If we can get guns away from everyone in this country, she’ll close the loopholes, get rid of assault weapons. She’ll get rid of being able to buy, you know, unlimited bullets. She’s going to make all that stop.”

Watch for yourself:

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