Report: Gainesville FL Homes With Trump Signs Vandalized With Swastikas

According to a report in Thursday’s edition of the Gainesville (FL) Sun, a home was vandalized with Nazi swastikas that were painted on campaign signs, a garage door and walkway and a vehicle at two homes near Westside Park neighborhood of Gainesville earlier this week.

One of the homes was owned by retired physician Ronnie Sartain, who described the act as “very surprising” and said he was not aware of the vandalism until saw police cars parked in front of his home.

“Whoever did it spray painted a large swastika on the garage door,” Sartain said. “And they sprayed a swastika on the sidewalk going from the front door out to the street and they sprayed a swastika on a Trump sign we have and still have in the yard. It was very surprising. You don’t expect that kind of thing in the Gainesville area.”

“So we were suprised this morning when we went outside to see what was going on because there were Gainesville Police cars parked in front of our street our in front of our house and that’s when I saw the swastikas,” he added.

Sartain told the Sun that he does not plan “to paint over or remove the emblems of hate before Election Day on Nov. 8.”

(h/t Politico Florida)

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