Congressman Mike Kelly: The Road to the White House Goes Through Pennsylvania

Rep.-Mike-Kelly-R-Pa AP

Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Kelly confirmed Saturday that the road to the White House goes through Pennsylvania, and said that the polls cannot possibly predict how well Trump will end up doing.

“When you talk to people back here, they never get polled as to how they’re going to vote,” Kelly said in an interview on Breitbart News Saturday on Sirius/XM Patriot Channel 125.

“Pennsylvania. The road to the White House does go through Pennsylvania….I think we can win Pennsylvania right now,” he said, pointing to different counties including Erie. “…those blue-collar workers love Donald Trump because he represents a fair shot.”

“When you’re the biggest market in the world, why should you come away with the worst result? It is steel that builds the world,” Kelly said.

Kelly took a dim view of the Clintons, saying that he would not even invite the people surrounding the Clintons to his childrens’ events because he would not want them near his family.

“Why are they taking 35 phones and smashing them with a hammer if there’s nothing there to see?,” he wondered.

“There is an overcast of the whole Clinton campaign and of their life and how they’ve lived their life, these are people who have become very very wealthy…I don’t know how you achieve the levels of income that you achieve without putting out a product.”


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