Sharon Day: Rescind your Clinton Endorsement


It was 25 years ago that Martin Scorsese delighted audiences with his movie rendition of the Jim Thompson novel, “The Grifters.” 

The story is an ingenious tale of deception and betrayal. By definition a grifter is someone who has made money dishonestly, in a swindle or a confidence game. 

After weeks of revealing information behind the Clinton Foundation and their self-motivated fundraising tactics, there is no other word to describe the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. She’s engaged in behavior that is disqualifying to be a candidate for the highest office, and yet dozens of American legislators, leaders and even media outlets have endorsed her candidacy. 

She’s swindled countries out of donations, she’s swindled corporate America with her lofty promises and she’s swindled the American people – over and over and over again. 

So why now, after the knowledge that top-tier corporations and other wealthy supporters paid to meet with both the former president and the now Democratic presidential nominee should we believe that she would change her behavior to act in the best interest of the country? In fact, one could argue that this information is a window into how Clinton would rule the land. She’d have an eye out for only herself and her family, while leaving the American people — who so desperately want a change — with the same old Clinton-first approach. 

Beyond her blatant disregard for the American public, Clinton’s cavalier approach to national security has come into question from a myriad of angles. From the secret server in her home basement that received hundreds of confidential email communications, to the lack of response she paid to the Congress when asked about the issue, to the suggestion that she made promises to the FBI that would cause them to “look the other way” when ruling on the secret email server. And then how about the millions of dollars the Clinton Foundation took from countries that are of disrepute, not to mention those that show little concern for women’s rights. 

The most recent set of Clinton emails that have come to light are of such great concern to national security that the FBI has announced they will conduct a new investigation of Clinton’s emails. This is just ELEVEN days before the country goes to the polls and decides on our next president. 

Where has the leadership gone in this country? Since when do reputable news outlets stand behind candidates who have proven themselves over and over to be out for themselves and dangerous, even? It used to be that newspapers and legislators and leaders who speak from a platform would find themselves offering wisdom. Wisdom about which candidate was best for the job – based on the facts. Instead we find ourselves sifting through the list of endorsements for Clinton with little or no mention of her disregard for the law, her lack of concern for those she serves, and the careless nature in which she has proven herself to lead.

Now that the newspapers know better and have written about the truth in their own words, how can the media and elected officials stand by their decision to endorse her? They need to rescind their endorsement. That includes President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. 

In a quote from his book Thompson describes one of the characters, “Anyone who deprived her of something she wanted, deserved what he got.”

Sounds all too familiar to the Democratic nominee for grifter-in-chief. If she’s not changed by now, who is to say she’d be any different when she was the most powerful elected official in the United States. Once a grifter, always a grifter. 

Sharon Day is the Republican National Committee Co-Chair.


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