Donald Trump Jr. Gets Enthusiastic Welcome at Florida Georgia Game


Donald Trump Jr. campaigned for father Republican nominee Donald J. Trump at the Florida vs. Georgia game in Jacksonville, Florida Saturday. As he walked through the crowd of hundreds of energetic supporters, Trump Jr. was bombarded by screams of support and requests for selfies.

As he was surrounded by supporters, Trump Jr. was able to grab a megaphone to address the crowd. “Thank you for all of your support,” he said. “It’s just been awesome for me to be able to travel the country, go around (and) be able to see people who are just so disaffected with the political system these days, by politicians, really, on both sides.”

Jacksonville is traditionally known as a Republican stronghold in Florida. However, as you walked around the unbelievably large tailgate, scores of Trump signs, Trump election gear and buttons and shouts of “Make America Great Again” and “drain the swamp” could not be ignored.


However, the few Hillary Clinton supporters, who were hard to come, were not happy with the fact that Trump Jr. was present.

News 4 Jacksonville, who happened to come across a Hillary supporter, reported, “Clinton supporters said they feel that the Democratic nominee will weather the most recent development over her emails and the FBI. ‘I think it’s all blown out of proportion,’ Clinton supporter Will Thompson said. ‘I think it’s all blown out of proportion. I don’t think what they’re saying is true’.”


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