Exclusive: Painter Converts Florida Art Gallery to Support Donald Trump


MATLACHA, FL — Renowned impressionist painter Leoma Lovegrove is known around the world for her colorful paintings, including a portrait of former President Jimmy Carter that hangs in his Georgia Presidential Library.

Her paintings are included in some of the world’s most prestigious collections and they have been printed on everything from clothes to dishware. But recently the artist has found a new muse: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The iconic Lovegrove Gallery and Gardens is showing the artist’s enthusiastic support for Trump. Five large canvasses spelling out T.R.U.M.P. are prominently displayed on the roof and another sign sitting next to the two-lane road reads, “Trump for President 2016.” In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Lovegrove explained how the theft of several standard Trump campaign signs inspired the artistic display.

The minute I could buy the [Trump campaign] signs, I bought them. And the minute we could legally put them out, they were stolen. Somebody had went to the headquarters and got one and I put it up on the roof and they stole that. So I decided to go bigger and better. I started with the one on the road and then I decided to paint the five important canvasses [T.R.U.M.P.]

I was so upset, for one, I would never take a sign, it’s against the law. I had never seen someone’s signs taken before. I mean I’m not the only one it’s happening all over and I decided, well, we’ll just put up some surveillance and just go for it.

I actually painted those in my studio in the middle of the night and I didn’t have enough canvasses, so I actually painted over some of my paintings just so I had the canvass, I was so passionate about making sure they were seen.

What’s been wonderful all the honks — did you just hear that honk — all day long, you can tell the good honks and you can tell the other people but most of the response has just been fabulous.

In fact, it’s been good for business the minute I put those up people were pounding at our door, we were actually closed and we had to open up. They were just buying all their Christmas gifts and they just wanted to be supportive.

Inside the gallery, a life-size cutout of Trump and a variety of Trump gear sits among the brightly colored paintings Lovegrove is known for. Covered in paint and wearing her trademark sunglasses, Lovegrove excitedly explained her support of Trump.

I think our politics are horrible, that’s why so many of us do like Donald Trump. He’s coming in not polished in the political arena. He’s speaking the truth. He’s speaking from his heart and he knows how to get the job done. So many of my friends who don’t really trust him, I’m like, what’s not to trust if he doesn’t know how to get something done he’ll hire it done. He’s a get the job done person.

Lovegrove who identifies as an “ultra-conservative” and “huge pro-lifer” recently blogged about wearing her custom Trump jacket to two Trump rallies in Florida with her husband Mike. She told Breitbart News that “Hillary should be in jail” and that she has figured out why the media and Hollywood tend to be so liberal.

I finally figured out why liberals are liberal, they don’t have to stand accountable for their actions. If it feels good, do it. They don’t have to be responsible.

Donald Trump was upfront and said you know,I might have been like that ten years ago, especially on the pro-life issue, but when it’s all laid out in front of you, how can you not be pro-life? That’s how I get my friends to vote for Trump because I’m very passionate about ending abortion. It’s horrific.

Lovegrove is selling the T.R.U.M.P. canvasses and using all the money to fund training for EMTs, firefighters, and police.

“All the money goes to putting fireman and EMT and policemen through school. They are $3800 and that puts one cadet through the entire training so I just set the price. Normally my work sells for between 7-10k. I just figured out let’s put five cadets through and I’ve got some collectors who are kind of interested.”

You can follow Lovegrove’s art on her Facebook page or Instagram.


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