EXCLUSIVE–Corey Lewandowski: Trump Camp Invading New Hampshire, ‘I Think He’s Going to Win’

Donald Trump speaks at an event on October 15, 2016 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Donald Trump’s former campaign manager and CNN commentator Corey Lewandowski tells Breitbart News that the campaign is sweeping into New Hampshire in the final days before the election.

“New Hampshire has never been good to the Clinton campaign. If you remember back in ’92, Bill Clinton lost when he ran for president. Hillary Clinton lost when she ran for president,” Lewandowski said during an exclusive interview. He calls New Hampshire home, and discussed several state primaries:

Donald Trump dominated the New Hampshire primaries. His ground game there is one of the very, very best in the countries. I know it very well. I think he has to get a victory and he’s going to be there tomorrow. Ivanka is there today. He’s back there on Monday. Mike Pence is there on Sunday. It’s a battleground state and Donald Trump is going to win New Hampshire.

The four electoral votes up for grabs in the Granite State have looked as if they might go toward Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton until recently, when several polls have revealed Trump closing the gap.

The latest WBUR poll published on Tuesday shows Trump with a one point lead over Clinton among likely voters in New Hampshire.

Over the past several days, Trump has also been closing the gap in polls across other battleground states such as Virginia, Colorado and North Carolina.

“The momentum is clearly on Donald Trump’s side right now,” Lewandowski added. “New Hampshire is a state where I think he’s going to win. It’s a state that has historically supported candidates that want smaller government and lower taxes and a change agent — and that’s what Donald Trump is in this campaign.”


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