Hillary Clinton ‘Living On a Prayer’ at Final, 1:00 AM Rally

Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during a campaign rally at North Carolina State University on November 8, 2016 in Raleigh North Carolina.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton opened her final campaign rally by quoting Bon Jovi, a long time celebrity surrogate.

“You know, between now and the time the polls close tomorrow we will be livin’ on a prayer,” she said after taking the stage late for her scheduled midnight rally in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Clinton brought singer Lady Gaga to finish up her campaign, relying on yet another popular surrogate to help her finish strong.

“We watched her endure such hateful language with dignity,” the singer said, accusing Trump of dividing the entire country with his presidential campaign.

“There are people around the world who think this election is a joke,” she said. “But you know what isn’t a joke is your vote.”

Lady Gaga praised Clinton for her “decades of experience” as a politician, saying they were proof that she is ready to be president.

Later, Lady Gaga joined rocker Bon Jovi to sing his 80s anthem Livin’ on a Prayer, before the pair introduced them on stage.

“This state is razor close and that is why the two of us are here,” Bon Jovi said.

The pair introduced the Clinton family on stage, as Hillary Clinton did a little jig before her daughter took the podium to rally for her mother.

“I’m so excited that I get to vote for my mom in a few hours,” Chelsea Clinton said. “I just can’t wait.”

Chelsea said she was “fiercely fiercely fiercely proud” that Hillary Clinton was her mother and that Bill Clinton was her father, as she introduced them.

“Whoa. Thank you,” Bill Clinton said after taking the microphone.

“Do you know how late it is? Thank you!” Bill Clinton said, thanking Lady Gaga and Bon Jovi for campaigning for his wife.

Clinton gushed over his wife, telling the audience he made a smart decision when he picked her.

“When I met this person, I said ‘I’ve never quite met anybody like this,’” Clinton said. “She was to me amazing then and is tonight amazing because she kept score the old fashioned way.”

After Clinton took the stage, she praised Lady Gaga as “one of the most inventive creative and passionate performers whose range goes from A to Z and beyond.”

Clinton was delighted by Lady Gaga’s concert, saying that it was a preview of what she wanted for America, praising the intensity that the singer demonstrated.

She also spoke specifically about the privacy-protecting law, allowing businesses to maintain sex selective bathroom rules.

“You know North Carolina, you’ve got to vote to get rid of HB2,” Clinton said.

Clinton appeared surprised that so many people had already voted in early voting, but she urged supporters to go out in the streets to find more people to vote for her.

“None of us want to wake up Wednesday morning and wish we had done more, right?” she said, before exiting the stage with her family.

Clinton flew back to New York to meet with close friends and supporters before officially ending her campaign stretch.


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