Ben Carson’s Former Press Secretary on Steve Bannon Racism Allegations: ‘I Have No Patience for That’

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Deana Bass, who served as Dr. Ben Carson’s campaign press secretary, spoke to Breitbart News Sunday and responded to the mainstream media attacks on Stephen K. Bannon, who previously served as Breitbart News’s Executive Chairman before moving to work as Donald Trump’s campaign CEO. After it was announced on Sunday afternoon that Bannon would serve as White House Senior Counselor to President-elect Donald Trump, the mainstream media launched attacks on Bannon, alleging that he is racist.

“I have no patience for that — that drives me absolutely insane,” Bass responded to the allegations of racism against Bannon during her interview with Breitbart News Sunday on SiriusXM Patriot Ch. 125. “I want to see proof. I want them to tell me exactly what they mean when they throw these accusations to Mr. Bannon and others.”

Bass, a black woman, said she wore her “Make America Great Again” hat to the gym recently where “an older white woman actually said, ‘You all want to kill everyone anyway.'”

“Where are people getting this?” Bass responded. “Why do they have the right to be disrespectful and dismissive and quite frankly, racist when conservatives — we know if we were the one in the streets marching…destroying property, the mainstream media would lose it.”

“We know that we get this from the mainstream media,” Bass added, saying she wants conservatives to circumvent the media and tell their own stories. “These claims of racism, I want people to show me where they are.”

Bass said she was not aware if her former boss, Carson, would be taking a position in the Trump administration, but told Breitbart News there is “not one position that he cannot handle.”

“My great hope is that he is a part of the administration because I think that we need wise men like him,” she added.

Bass also commented on the appointment of Bannon as White House Senior Counselor and Reince Priebus as White House Chief of Staff, saying Bannon “will also continue to shake things up.”

“I understand the decision,” about Priebus and Bannon, Bass stated. “I think people who elevated Trump to this position, they obviously want him to be the outsider that he is, but the reality is that this is a huge job and it takes the leadership of people who have been there and understand it, so I understand the idea of having Priebus move over with him.”

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