Politico Scoop: Eric Trump Killed Two Deer


On November 30 Politico reported that Eric Trump killed two deer during a recent three-day hunt in Turkey.

They found mention of the hunt in Hürriyet Daily News, which reported that  “the 32-year-old…Trump killed two deer and paid for the hunting, which came following an invitation from a Turkish businessman.”


Politico stressed, “Both Eric and his brother, Donald Trump Jr., were previously investigated for coordinating a Zimbabwe hunting trip in 2011 through an unlicensed company from South Africa.” They linked to a March 2012 Associated Press story which said, “Zimbabwean conservationists…are investigating the legality of a hunting spree in the country by the heirs to U.S. magnate Donald Trump’s fortune after photos showed up online of the brothers posing with dead game animals.”

Politico did not include mention of that fact Eric and Donald Jr. were cleared of any wrongdoing. News 24 quoted Zimbabwe parks authority spokesperson Caroline Washaya-Moyo, who said:

They were accompanied by a professional hunter, and we have done a background check on him and his licence is still valid. Also with the Trump brothers was a ranger from the parks department who was monitoring the hunt. The animals they hunted are available for hunting in Zimbabwe.

A broader statement issued by Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority general director V. Chadenga, and published by Ammoland, made clear Eric and Donald Jr. had done nothing wrong:

I would like to officially respond to the baseless allegations that Donald Trump, Jr., and Eric Trump hunted illegally during their visit to Zimbabwe. First and foremost, there is no “Official Investigation” into the Trump’s activities here as from day one all the requisite documentation was properly handled and the appropriated licenses were obtained which resulted in the issuance of the export paperwork. The only investigation which should occur is that of the “anti-hunting” organizations who are peddling untruths falsely presented as facts.

Politico did not mention the statement from Washaya-Moyo or Chadenga, but understandably so. Journalists do not have much time for basic research or fact-checking when racing to publish the epic scoop that Eric Trump killed two deer in Turkey.

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