Liberty University Constructing Outdoor Shooting Range

Darlene DeMaagd of Barry County, right, and her daughters, Amy, and Krista, and husband, Ross, left, shoot at targets on their range behind their rural Barry County home. Photo taken June 12, 2011. ( Rex Larsen | The Grand Rapids Press ) SLUG: CONCEALED GUNS PERMITS MICHIGAN

Liberty University is constructing an outdoor shooting range that will include pistol ranges, three-gun ranges, an archery range, and skeet and rifle ranges.

The university proposed the shooting complex at the December 5 Campbell County’s Planning Commission.

According to Students at Liberty for Gun Rights (SL4GR), “Schematics for the range include a one, two, and three hundred-yard rifle range. It will also feature several shotgun ranges and stands for such shooting sports as skeet, trap, five stand, and sporting clays.”

A “police-shoot house” may also be constructed. Such a house provides an area where law enforcement and concealed permit holders can train for various scenarios.

The school “plans to make this range available to the public as well as the student body, and it expects to host competitions from around the country while offering critical firearms training.”

Liberty University Planning and Construction Coordinator Brad Butler said:

Around three hundred and fifty universities in this country participate in some form of shooting competition, and around thirty of those universities own outdoor shooting facilities off campus. However, Liberty will be the first university to have nationally recognized ranges that meet NRA and NCAA guideline standards and be able to host all Olympic shooting sports on its central campus property.

Liberty University also made gun-related news on December 4, 2015, when school President Jerry Falwell Jr. urged students to legally carry handguns on campus. Falwell’s statement came two days after an armed duo opened fire in a gun-free zone in San Bernardino, California, killing 14. quoted Falwell’s criticism of calls for more gun control when he said, “I’ve always thought if more good people had concealed carry permits, then we could end those Muslims before they walked in.” Falwell made clear that he meant “Islamic terrorists” when he stated “those Muslims.”

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