College Trustee Opposes Campus Carry: School Already Has ‘Alarms’ and a ‘Manual’


In voicing his opposition to allowing law-abiding students to be armed for self-defense, Daytona State College (DSC) trustee Bob Davis pointed out the school already has “alarms” and a “manual.”

Davis’ exact words:

I don’t see the need for guns on our campus or any other campus. We are well protected. We have alarms. We have the students trained. We have a manual.

But The Dayton Beach News-Journal reports something Davis did not say–namely, that DSC’s “campus security is not armed.” Officers from the Daytona Beach Police Department are on campus during some of the school’s busiest times, but the campus security is unarmed.

And as helpful as officers visiting from an outside department might be, even police presence cannot prevent the kinds of attacks that armed citizens on campus might prevent. Case in point, Amanda Collins was a University of Nevada student who was raped on October 22, 2007. The crime took place in a part of campus so close to the university police post that she could see all the police cars sitting there. Collins was a concealed carry permit holder at the time of her rape but she was unable to carry for self-defense because her school maintained the same kind of gun-free policies that Davis supports at DSC.

So here we are–State Senator Greg Steube (R-Sarasota) is pushing a bill to eradicate restrictions that could put many Florida students in the same defenseless situation that resulted in tragedy for Collins. His bill–SB 140–would simply allow concealed carry permit holders to be armed for self-defense on campus in the way they are daily armed for self-defense at Walmart, the gas station, and their favorite restaurants. Bob Davis’ argument against it: that the DSC is “well protected,” has “alarms,” and has a “manual.”

But DSC’s “campus security is not armed.”

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