Couple Calls It Quits Over President Trump

Trump Supporter-Yahoo News

One couple has called it quits after 22 years of marriage because the husband supported President Trump and the wife did not approve, calling it a real “deal-breaker.”

“It totally undid me that he could vote for Trump,” Gayle McCormick, 73, told Reuters.

McCormick is a retired California prison guard who describes herself as a “Democrat leaning toward socialist” who wrote in Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) as her vote this election season.

“It opened up areas between us I had not faced before,” she said. “I realized how far I had gone in my life to accept things I would have never accepted when I was younger.”

McCormick, who recently settled into her own place in Washington state, never thought about leaving her husband before for his political beliefs but felt “betrayed” when he revealed that he planned to vote for Trump during lunch with a few friends.

Eventually, McCormick’s husband changed his mind and wrote in former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, but McCormick had already left. The couple plans to vacation together and remain separated, but they will not get divorced because McCormick said, “We’re too old for that.”

A Reuters/Ipsos poll of 6,426 people found that 16 percent had stopped talking to a family member or friend because of the election, while 30 percent said they ended a relationship entirely.

While some people are leaving their relationships because of Trump, others are leaving the country.

A Maryland couple decided to leave the country and travel around the world in search of a new home after Trump’s election, Breitbart News reported.