Poll: 56 Percent of Democrats Want All of Trump’s Nominees Blocked


A majority of Democrats and liberal voters want Democrats in Congress to block every nominee and bill from the Trump administration, a Morning Consult poll released Wednesday finds.

Building off the Democrats’ vows of “resistance,” pollsters asked: “Democrats in Congress should stick to their principles when it comes to working with President Trump, even if that means blocking all legislation or nominees for government posts?” Fifty-six percent said Democrats in Congress should block all of Trump’s nominees and bills, while 34 percent said they should find a way to work with the administration and get things done. Similarly, 62 percent of self-identified liberals said Democrats should obstruct Trump by any means necessary.

A majority of independent voters, 59 percent, said Democrats in Congress should work with Trump. So did 82 percent of Republicans. Another 57 percent of self-identified moderates agreed.

“The survey—conducted Feb. 2 through Feb. 4—is instructive, as Trump and Republicans begin to plot their legislative plans on everything from repealing and replacing Obamacare to tax reform. Democrats, in the minority in both chambers, are being squeezed by their base to stop Trump’s agenda in its tracks, even if they lack the power to do so,” Politico reports.

Democrats hold 46 seats in the Senate while two independent senators caucus with them, so they’re powerless to stop the confirmation of Trump’s nominees unless Republicans break rank to join them.

Pollsters questioned 2,070 registered voters from Feb. 2 to Feb. 4, with a margin of error of plus or minus two percentage points.


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