Sen. Tim Scott: Liberal Left Activists ‘Do not Want To Be Tolerant’


Liberal left activists are tolerant only of people who agree with them, Sen. Tim Scott said in a Senate speech as he recounted some of the hate mail he received while helping to elevate Sen. Jeff Sessions up to the new job of U.S. Attorney.

“The liberal left that speaks and desires for all of us to be tolerant, do not want to be tolerant of anyone that disagrees with where they are coming from,” Scott said Feb. 8 in a speech from the Senate floor.

“So the definition of tolerance is not that all Americans experience a high level of  tolerance, it is that all Americans who agree with [the left] experiences this so-called tolerance.”

In his speech, Scott recounted some of the insults he’s been offered via Twitter as he spoke up in favor of Sessions, who was sworn into his new job on Feb. 9. “‘House negro’ … ‘a complete horror’ … ‘You are a disgrace to your race,'” he recounted, adding  “I left out all the ones that use the n-word.”





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