Tancredo: Tell Me Why This Isn’t Treason

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

There is a nasty, nauseating smell coming out of our national news media and entertainment centers, and it may be the smell of our Constitution burning. What protections are left for our liberties when treason is openly celebrated as courageous patriotism?

Comedian Bill Maher on Friday night praised the actions of “intelligence officials” at the CIA and FBI who leaked the tape recording and transcript of Michael Flynn’s telephone conversation with the Russian Ambassador. Bill Maher is not the point of the spear being aimed at the White House. His not-funny diatribe is only an echo of the national news media who are hailing the government leakers as great patriots.

In their politically correct fairy tale, the intelligence agency leakers are exposing how Trump staff colluded with the Russians to “fix the election.” Maher praises their organized leaks and plots as an act of patriotic heroism. But it sounds a lot like treason to me.

There are some big problems with such accusations against Flynn and the Trump team: the accusations are not only untrue, they are the opposite of the truth. Not only does the transcript of  Flynn’s conversation with the Russian ambassador reveal that he did nothing unlawful, there is no evidence whatsoever that the Trump campaign EVER conspired with the Russian government to influence the 2016 election.

But the public is daily being told a different story that has no factual basis. How can the public understand the truth if the national media are joining the faceless “intelligence community” to fabricate a case against the Trump administration? How can we know the facts when language itself is corrupted to turn truth on its head?

When Nixon broke the law by giving a green light to spying and worse against anti-war activist Donald Ellsberg, the man who leaked the Pentagon Papers, he was condemned for breaking the law despite his patriotic motivations. According to Bill Maher’s moral compass, breaking the laws against domestic wiretapping and leaking Top Secret documents is entirely kosher if you are aiming to destroy President Trump — who, according to Bill Maher, “is insane.”

This whole, ridiculous picture is reminiscent of the early 20th Century in the South when it was impossible to arrest and prosecute the Ku Klux Klan in places where the Klansmen were also the local sheriff, city councilmen, and newspaper editors.

A few elementary facts ought to be enough to sober up the lynch mod if they will only put down their torches and the bottle of angst. Maher and his circle of self-righteous assassins should be asked to explain how a telephone conversation that occurred AFTER the election can be evidence of collusion to fix the election.

The leakers and their media co-conspirators at the NY Times and NBC News are not content with having Flynn’s scalp after his resignation, they insist on selling a larger bottle of snake oil– that any contact between a Trump campaign official and the Russian government is evidence of treason. Inventing crimes after the fact is something out of the George Orwell novel 1984, but apparently, it is now a fashionable substitute for honest journalism.

Bill Maher and his gang of midnight raiders see no problem in the wiretapping of a private citizen’s conversation with a foreign diplomat without a warrant as required by law. The FBI, CIA, and NSC are being asked to double down on treachery and continue their “insider insurrection” in order to drive Trump from office.

The unlawful leaking of information gathered by intelligence agencies ranks several rungs higher as a civil rights violation than the Watergate break-in, yet it is not only being excused because it was anti-Trump, it is being heralded as the model of patriotic dissent for all federal employees opposed to Trump’s policies. The liberal media is openly encouraging and then rewarding illegal behavior by federal employees for the avowed, admitted purpose of bringing down the constitutionally elected President of the United States.

The media stoking of paranoia and hate for Trump does not stop with the “Hillary’s election was stolen by the Russians” meme. The Associated Press is now in the business of manufacturing paranoia over the “potential us of the National Guard to round up and deport illegal aliens.” That story is based entirely on a leaked low-level “draft memo” that was never even seen by Homeland Security Secretary Kelley or by anyone in the White House. The AP knows the memo was never seriously considered by any Trump official and was never a part of the Trump immigration enforcement plan. And yet, to the hysterically unhinged news media, it is fodder for their campaign to create fear and hatred against the Trump administration.

Folks, this is not an HBO mini-series about a rogue intelligence agency. This is happening and unfolding before our eyes in a cascade of fake news and manufactured paranoia and hatred.

There is an ongoing, mushrooming plot to circumvent the Constitution by making it impossible for the President and his team to govern. America’s moral compass is being turned upside down by the mainstream media in open collaboration with Trump’s political opponents in the bureaucracy and the Democratic Party. Their goal is nothing less than the eventual impeachment — or removal of Trump by “other means.”

And believe me, to these folks, “other means” includes assassination — which would be excused and even applauded as tyrannicide.

This plan can best be described as the ultimate Alinskyite project: If the left can create enough dissension, disloyalty, disruption and confusion by throwing sand into the gears of government, maybe the public — with the help of a “courageous” news media — will be persuaded to blame the train’s engineers and not the people orchestrating the chaos.

The question patriots need to start asking is, first, how do we combat such skullduggery? Republicans in Congress should resolve to put an end to the orchestrated leaks and manufactured hatred by holding responsible bureaucrats responsible for their unlawful actions. Asking Mike Flynn to testify under oath about his conversations when those conversations broke no law only feeds the appetite for more blood in the water.

Will congressional Republicans rally to defend their President, or will they play to the liberal media by joining the lynch mob? The citizens who elected them — and can un-elect them in 2018 — will be watching.

But we may soon face an even more sobering challenge: what comes next if the assassins succeed in their plan? That such an event is no longer unthinkable is itself the most sobering fact of all.


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