Democrats Propose Resolution Denouncing White House ‘Fake News’ and ‘Alternative Facts’

Trump Open Mouth Evan Vucci:AP
Evan Vucci/AP

A group of House Democrats introduced a resolution Monday that slams President Trump and calls him out for “fake news” and false statements.

New York Democratic Rep. Adriano Espaillat introduced House Resolution 191, which purports to “oppose fake news and alternative facts.”

While attacking “lies” and “fake news,” the Democrats’ resolution itself makes several untrue statements.

The language claims Trump and the White House have “blocked” news organizations reporting on “President Trump’s collaboration with Russia.”  The resolution also states that the United States is “a democracy, not an autocracy,” even though it is a representative democracy in which the people indirectly rule via their elected leaders.

The document goes on to give several instances of what its author claims are lies and “fake news” issued by the president and members of his administration, including the flap over the size of Trump’s inauguration day crowd.

Misreported by The Hill newspaper as a “bill” and “legislation,” Espaillat’s effort is only a resolution. There is little chance that the stunt will result in acceptance by anything approaching a majority of the House of Representatives.

Even if passed, H. Res. 191 would only express a sentiment of a majority of congressmen and would carry no force of law.

Democrat representatives Ted Lieu of California and Georgia’s John Lewis cosponsored the resolution.

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