Nashville Government Suing to Shut Down Sex Club Reportedly Posing as Church

The Social Club News Channel 5

Nashville’s government is suing to shut down a sex club reportedly posing as a church.

The Metropolitan Government, which encompasses Nashville and Davidson County in Tennessee, filed an injunction Thursday to close a swinger’s club in Madison that bills itself as a church, WTVF reported.

The complaint claims that Freedom 4 All, Inc., the owner of the property, used a permit issued for operating a church at 520 Lentz Ave in Madison as a sex club that is “maintaining a public nuisance by permitting acts of lewd conduct.”

It also accuses the club of violating city and state laws that make it illegal to operate a sex club within 1,000 feet of a school.

Developers fought the city government for months in 2015 to open a swingers’ club next to Goodpasture Christian School in Madison, but the city council rejected their plans, WREG reported.

Instead, developers asked the city if they could renovate the property as a church, and the city council approved. The building was allowed to operate under the name United Fellowship Center.

Two people from Nashville’s Department of Codes investigated the situation in March, when they paid $40 apiece to enter The Social Club and found several people engaging in sex acts inside, WZTV reported.

Sex clubs are allowed in industrial areas zoned for that purpose if they operate as private clubs requiring membership. The Social Club’s website, however, states that no membership is required for admittance to the club.

A lawyer for The Social Club told WTVF that he had not seen the lawsuit yet and could not comment on the allegations, but that the business is a church.


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