Donald Trump to NATO: ‘Terrorism Must Be Stopped in Its Tracks’

The Associated Press

President Donald Trump called for the NATO alliance to renew their struggle against radical Islamic terrorism, hosting a moment of silence in remembrance of the victims of the attack in Manchester.

“Terrorism must be stopped in its tracks, or the horror you saw in Manchester and so many other places will continue forever,” he said during his remarks in advance of a NATO summit in Brussels.

Trump called the attacks a reminder of the “barbaric” and “vicious” evil that the world faced.

“Innocent little girls and so many others were horribly murdered and badly injured while attending a concert,” he said, describing the victims of the attack. “Beautiful lives with so much great potential, torn from their families forever and ever.”

Trump made his remarks during an unveiling of the Article 5 and the Berlin Wall memorials, recalling the success of the partnership against communism. The monument includes a section of one of the Twin Tower buildings that were destroyed on 9/11, which Trump described as “a painful reminder” of the threat the world still faced.

The president again described the terrorists as “losers” that should be obliterated from the world.

“Wherever they exist in our societies, we must drive them out and never, ever let them back in,” he said.