Delingpole: Muslim Leaders Finally Bite the Bullet on The Key Issue of Our Time…

muslim prayer
AP/Matt Rourke

Finally, just when we were beginning to fear it couldn’t get any worse, Muslim leaders have taken a stand and said: “Enough is enough!”

Yes, the Islamic Society of North America – the largest Muslim organization in the U.S. – has affirmed its commitment to combating climate change. It is going to divest itself of all its investment holdings in fossil fuels.

According to Saffet Catovic, board member of the Society’s Green Mosque Taskforce, speaking to Yale Climate Connections:

“The responsibility to safeguard human life, to safeguard families, to safeguard the possibility of future generations having resources are among the requirements of the religion of Islam.”

“Turning away from fossil fuel investments is not a matter that is ultimately up for discussion if we’re talking about the well-being and health of human civilization and the health of the overall environment.”

Doesn’t that make you feel so much better that Muslim leaders are addressing the issues that really matter?

Won’t you sleep so much more soundly in your bed tonight?


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