Ex-Obama Adviser: Swamp Hates ‘Disruptive’ Trump Because He’s Challenging Power Structures Like Uber


A former economic adviser to former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush told an international audience that the Washington, DC establishment hates President Donald Trump because he is “disruptive” and “challenging all the traditional power structures” like Uber.

“He’s challenging all the traditional power structures — and [they] hate it,” Pippa Malmgren reportedly said at Monday’s FundForum International Conference in Berlin, Germany.

She added that Trump is “as disruptive, disintermediating and mispricing, and with the equal lack of manners as Uber.”

Despite the bad publicity surrounding Uber of late, MarketWatch pointed out that the company “has also been credited for inspiring innovation in the transportation industry and bringing down costs for the consumer.” The company, the outlet notes, “has significantly shaken up the taxi industry across the globe, making many enemies along the way.”

MarketWatch noted that Malmgren believes that “now Trump has come in to totally shake up the political establishment in Washington, just as Uber did to the taxi industry, leaving many former experts and advisers angry along the way.”

And though the coastal and D.C. elites may loathe Trump, she said Middle America loves how Trump is challenging the old order and the proverbial D.C. Swamp Creatures, including politicians, establishment media figures, and political consultants in the permanent political class.

“So when you see what Trump is doing, try to keep in mind that there’s an element of that he’s been hired to virtually burn down all the existing power structures and move the power from Washington to back to the state level,” she said. “This is why the middle of the country quite likes what he’s doing.”

She reportedly told the audience that she recently gave a talk to “thousands of U.S. farmers” who “are not unemployed” and “are rather well off.”

“They are not uneducated, they are rather well educated. And they love him,” Malmgren reportedly said.


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