Dad Allegedly Beat Baby into Coma; Wanted Mom to Have Abortion

A Brooklyn man who allegedly punched his 16-month-old daughter into a coma said he told the baby's mother to get an abortion when she was pregnant.

A 16-month old girl is not expected to live another 24 hours after her 19-year-old father allegedly beat her into a coma.

Nylah Lewis is in critical condition after her father, Shaquan Taylor, allegedly cracked her skull–causing bleeding on the brain–and bruised her face, legs, and other body parts on Father’s Day.

The Daily Mail reports Taylor’s rants on Facebook about the baby’s mother, Tammy Lewis, 17. “Feel mad disrespected,” Shaquan Taylor, 19, posted to Facebook in February 2016, around the time his daughter, Nylah Lewis, was born. “Told that lil b***h to get abortion (and) she tells me she is but still keep it. Exactly why I hate that lil b***h.”

According to the report, “Taylor often ranted about the girl’s mother, Tammy Lewis, 17, on Facebook. ‘I didn’t even want to have a baby by her (and) it’s sad to say, but f*** it, s*** happens,’ he wrote in February 2016. ‘Please don’t ask who Nylah’s moms is nor do I still f*** with her cause NO,’ he wrote. ‘Just f***ed (that) hotty a**, that’s it.”

Police arrested Taylor for allegedly pummeling the baby, who is in critical condition at Maimonides Medical Center in New York City.

Lewis reportedly left her daughter with him for Father’s Day but received a Facebook message from him, telling her about a problem that required her to pick up Nylah. When Lewis arrived, she found the baby gasping for breath and covered in bruises.

She quickly picked up Nylah and left the apartment, but Taylor allegedly caught up to her and knocked her to the ground as she was holding the baby. Taylor then handed Nylah to a friend who handed the baby to the EMS crew as it arrived.

Taylor reportedly ran after Lewis and continued beating her outside his apartment building on W. 32nd Street in Coney Island. Police officers then chased Taylor and arrested him. He was charged on Monday morning with felony assault and acting in a manner injurious to a child younger than 17. Taylor was also charged with beating Lewis.

The father, who was arraigned Tuesday and held on $250,000 bail, has had five prior arrests. In 2015, he was charged with sexual misconduct because Lewis, his girlfriend, was only 14 at the time.

Last July, the court issued an order of protection against Taylor for Lewis and Nylah.

Lewis’s relatives said Nylah’s mother met Taylor on Facebook and that she wanted him to have a part in their daughter’s life, reports the New York Daily News

“He said that about a year ago he was going to hit the baby if she brought [her] around,” Christine Munford, 13, Nylah’s aunt, said. “And (Sunday) he threatened her and said he was going to punch her in the face when she got there. And then obviously that happened.”


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