Woman and Boyfriend Accused of Making Her 11-Year-Old Brother Smoke Meth

Meth Smokers 11-yr-old

An Oklahoma woman and her boyfriend are accused of forcing the woman’s 11-year-old brother to smoke methamphetamine.

Kirsten Burroughs, 18, and Michael Crick, her boyfriend, were arrested and face charges of child neglect, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of a controlled dangerous substance, KFOR reported.

Burroughs and Crick were supposed to take the boy to a skate park, but took him to a drug house around the corner from the skate park instead, according to the arrest report.

“They told him to come into the bathroom with them” and “one of them handed him a glass pipe with white stuff in it, and one of them held a lighter to it and he smoked it,” the arrest report states.

The boy’s stepfather, who noticed his stepson was acting a little odd, suspected drug use was involved and questioned his stepson.

When his stepson told him what happened, the stepfather reported Burroughs and Crick to the police.

The boy told police that the drug was meth, saying the drug “made him feel funny” and “kind of dizzy.”

“I believe that the stepfather took the appropriate steps,” said Sgt. Greg Valencia with the Logan County Sheriff’s Office. “He’s taking steps to protect his child.”

Burroughs and Crick denied that they made the boy smoke the drug when questioned by police.

Burrough’s father, however, told police that Crick let the child smoke meth last year in an RV that sat in the house’s driveway and that Crick admitted it to him.

“This is a terrible, terrible thing to do to a child,” Valencia said.

Sadly, the issue of exposing young children to drugs like meth is nothing new.

A couple was arrested for allegedly exposing their one-year-old child to second-hand smoke from meth in Lake Stevens, Washington.

A grandmother and mother of a one-year-old, also from Washington state, were also arrested for allegedly exposing the girl to meth.


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