Ending ‘White Supremacy’ Requires Erasure of Washington and Jefferson, Says Antifa Supporter

Mount Rushmore

The Green Party’s vice-presidential candidate in 2016 says the public’s memory of Gen. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson must be erased to help end “White Supremacy” in the United States.

On Aug. 12, Baraka announced his support of the Antifa street gang which attacked the white-power fascist groups in Charlottesville when state police forcefully ended the racists’ legal demonstration in a city park.

Baraka’s proposed erasure of Washington was predicted by Donald Trump at his August 14 press conference in New York, where he talked about the Charlottesville brawls and deaths:

Many of those people were there to protest the taking down of the statue of Robert E. Lee. So this week it’s Robert E. Lee. I noticed that Stonewall Jackson is coming down. I wonder is it George Washington next week and is it Thomas Jefferson the week after? You know, you really do have to ask yourself where does it stop.


The logical connection between “white supremacy” and the erasure of Washington, Jefferson and other famous white people in U.S. history  — whether they were noble, or ignoble, Civil War, pre-Civil war or post-Civil War — is justified and explained by radical left-wing writer Ijeoma Oluo.

She explained her views at length on August 14:

Hello fellow outraged human being. I am sure that the events of these last few days — the marching of young white supremacists through the UVA campus, and the assault and murder of anti-racist protesters, has left many of you shocked and horrified…

White supremacy is first and foremost a system. A system which puts the belief that white people are superior to other races into practice. It is this system that makes white supremacy as dangerous as it is, and it kills people much more violently and with more frequency than we’ve seen this past weekend in Virginia.

White supremacy is in our workplace, our school system, our government and our prisons. It is in our books and movies and television. White supremacy has been woven into the fabric of our nation from the moment that white settlers decided that their claim to land was more important than the lives of indigenous people. This is not a new problem. This is America…

Our country’s entire social, political, and economic system is built off of the promise that poor and working class whites would always get more than everyone else — that they deserved more than everyone else. When the profits of white supremacy prove to be meager, because capitalism will always send the spoils to the top few, the anger of being cheated out of their just rewards is easily funneled into racist hate…

Steve Bannon, Trump’s top aide, told the New York Times August 16 that the progressive attack on U.S. cultural markers will damage the Democratic Party’s drive for power. “The race-identity politics of the left wants to say [U.S. culture] is all racist,” but Americans want to defend their “history, culture and society,” he said.

The cure for “white supremacy” is the totalitarian redesign of the nation’s education system, workplaces, entertainment, and parenting, Oluo explained Aug. 14.

Because we all interact with the system of white supremacy, because we all uphold it to some degree — we all have some power to tear it down…

Do you know what is in your children’s textbooks? How is slavery being taught? How is the Civil War discussed? What conversations are had in class around Thanksgiving or Columbus Day? At what age are your children learning about the Japanese internment camps — if at all? What black history is being taught outside of black history month? Are any of the explorers, scientists, politicians, or artists lauded in class Latinx, Asian American, or Native American? Is the hatred and violence perpetrated against Muslim Americans and people of Southeast Asian descent since 9/11 discussed?

Outside of texts, what is the racial makeup of your school board and school staff? How many children of color are suspended and expelled from your local schools? How does your school address racist, Islamophobic, and anti-Semitic bullying? Is your district outsourcing its discipline to anti-black police forces?

What diversity recruitment efforts does your company have? How does HR handle reports of racial discrimination? Are your work social events diverse and inclusive? Who is getting promoted? Who gets to speak in meetings? What racial equity goals are written into your union charter? Ask these questions, and get your coworkers to ask as well. If you are white, do not leave the burden on the few people of color in the office to advocate for themselves in a system that has already shown it values their voices less than yours.

Are you supporting minority-owned businesses? Are you boycotting businesses that discriminate against people of color — not only through how they treat customers of color, but in the products they choose to carry, the politics they support, and the way they treat their employees of color? Are you donating to progressive political candidates of color? Are you supporting anti-racist activist groups, civil rights organizations, and immigrant advocacy groups? Are you voting for taxes and levies that empower and enrich communities of color? Are you seeing movies with diverse casts and shunning those that prefer to imagine an all-white world? Are you buying art from artists of color and rejecting the appropriation of that art by white artists?…

If you are white, and your children are white, are you explaining white privilege to them? Are you introducing your children to cultures other than their own? Are the only people you have over for dinner white? Are all their dolls and action figures white? Are the characters in their story books and favorite movies all white? Are you children being taught to stand up for their friends of color and always speak out against racist bullying? Are you trusting in your children’s ability to handle some truth about racism in America — a truth that children of color never get the chance to avoid? Are you having tough conversation with your parents, your grandparents, your aunts and uncles? Are you letting family members know that their racist speech is a personal affront to you? Are you making anti-racism, anti-Islamophobia, and the fight against anti-Semitism a family value?

The struggle is endless, but victory will not come until U.S. culture is reduced to rubble, she argues.

Those of us targeted by white supremacy do not get a moment’s rest — and if you are not targeted by white supremacy, that should keep you up nights as well. Do not give up, do not rest, until the system of white supremacy is reduced to rubble. You may not see it in your lifetime, but your efforts will help ensure that many more of us will live long enough to do our part.

Oluo is dismissive of national-minded critics:

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