Donald Trump Promotes ‘Pro-American Tax Reform’ in Missouri

US President Donald Trump participates in a tax reform kickoff event at the Loren Cook Company in Springfield, MO, on August 30, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / JIM WATSON (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

President Donald Trump called for a simpler, lower, fairer tax code on Wednesday, urging Congress to pass a bill that would help grow the American economy.

“Today I’m calling on all members of Congress — Democrat, Republican, and independent — to support pro-American tax reform,” he said. “They have to do it.  It’s time.”

The president made his remarks at the Loren Cook Company in Springfield, Missouri, which Trump noted was the “birthplace” of the Route 66 highway, “a great American icon.”

Trump speech marked a new push by the administration to achieve major legislation in Congress after the bill to replace Obamacare failed in the Republican-led Senate.

“I don’t want to be disappointed by Congress, do you understand me?” Trump said in his speech as the audience applauded and cheered. “I think Congress is going to make a comeback. I hope so.”

Trump promised that dramatic tax reform would help create millions of jobs and bring billions of dollars back into the United States, allowing the country to rebuild communities.

“My administration is embracing a new economic model.  It’s called very simply:  The American Model,” Trump said.

He promoted a 15 percent business tax rate and cutting tax loopholes for wealthy corporations and special interests.

“We have totally surrendered our competitive edge to other countries,” Trump said. “We are not surrendering anymore.”

The president also called for lower taxes for middle-class Americans. He suggested that tax reform was a moral duty, calling the current system “wrong” for American citizens.

“We believe that ordinary Americans know better than Washington how to spend their own money,” Trump said.

He also called for reforms that would encourage American companies to bring trillions of dollars of overseas profits back to the United States.

“It’s time to invest in our country, to rebuild our communities, and to hire our great American workers,” Trump said.

He outlined his vision for the country in which a simpler, lower tax code could help American companies grow and expand, improving the lives of American workers.

“They will love getting up in the morning. They will love going to their job. They will love earning a big, fat, beautiful paycheck,” Trump said. “They will be proud again. That is the future I want for our people.”


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