Delingpole: Cohn’s Meeting with Global Climate and Energy Ministers Is an Act of War Against Trump’s Base

gary cohn
AP/Alex Brandon

Gary Cohn, chief economic advisor to President Trump, is to host a meeting in New York with the world’s leading climate and energy ministers.

According to the New York Times:

The breakfast in New York next Monday will be held against a backdrop of devastation in the United States and the Caribbean from two monster hurricanes that scientists say may have been made more ferocious by warming trends. It also comes as the Trump administration is navigating an uncertain position in the international climate change negotiations, having declared it will withdraw from the global Paris agreement while also telling nations it remains open to continued discussions.

This raises a number of important questions.

  1. How will this meeting be of any benefit whatsoever to anyone who voted for Donald Trump?
  2. How will this advance, in any way, the President’s stated mission to “drain the swamp”?
  3. What on earth is this Vampire Squid Democrat still doing in the White House?

And the answers of course are:

  1. None.
  2. It won’t.
  3. Search me.

Let’s state something very clearly here – something that really can’t be stated often enough because, of all the conspiracies perpetrated by the liberal elite against the ordinary man and woman, this is probably the most all-encompassing and disgusting.

The climate change industry is a $1.5 trillion a year boondoggle arranged for the benefit of dodgy, second-rate scientists, rent-seeking corporations, power-crazed technocrats, publicity-hungry, anti-capitalist NGOs and financiers like Gary Cohn.

Nobody else gets a look-in. Instead, everyone else gets stung for the costs of feeding this insatiable Green Blob via higher energy bills and taxes. All the while making no measurable difference to “climate change.”

This was what was so thoroughly great about Trump’s announcement earlier this year that he intended to withdraw from the UN’s Paris Climate Agreement. It was brave, it was principled, and it was the right thing to do morally, socially, economically.

It signalled an end to the era when President Obama felt able to boast – without the slightest embarrassment – of his plan to make electricity prices “necessarily skyrocket.”

That’s electricity as in the stuff that every U.S. citizen, rich or poor, relies on for pretty much everything from charging their phones to cooling their beer to staying alive in hospitals.

How is it a good thing – how can it ever have been considered a good thing? – when a U.S. president gives a speech crowing about the fact that he intends to use government policy deliberately to ramp up the price of a product which no one can avoid using?

Which, of course, is one of the reasons people voted for Trump. They responded to the fact that he did not belong to an Establishment so far removed from normal lived experience it actually thinks it’s a defensible idea artificially to drive up electricity prices so that a few favored beneficiaries can get richer.

Gary Cohn, on the other hand, very much does belong to that remote, self-serving Establishment. It’s why he fought so hard – alongside Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and, of course, Javanka – against those in the Administration (Bannon and EPA chief Scott Pruitt, mainly) who wanted Trump to honor his campaign trail promise to pull out of Paris. It’s why he’s fighting so hard to frustrate that decision now.

This meeting he has planned with the world’s climate and energy will no doubt be sold as just another case of oiling the wheels of diplomacy.

It’s not. It’s a deliberate provocation; an act of war; a statement of intent by one of the most vicious alligators in the swamp that no way is that stagnant, slimy, watery domain going to be drained because, damn it, the living there is so easy that it must never be allowed to end.

Which is fine if you’re a top predator like Cohn. But not if you’re one of the creatures he feeds on which means – he’s Goldman Sachs, remember – pretty much every ordinary person in the U.S.

To repeat, the climate change industry is a massive scam perpetrated by a powerful, entrenched elite against the consumer.

The only reason it can survive – literally, the ONLY reason – is because of legislation put forward by climate and energy ministers like the ones Gary Cohn is meeting.

Without the intervention of governments around the world, the climate industry would quickly wither and die.

Which is why the likes of Gary Cohn and his friends on Wall Street are so frantically desperate to keep this $1.5 trillion a year gravy train trundling along.

In free markets, there’s no such thing as a one way bet, a dead cert investment.

But in crony capitalism, there are plenty such opportunities for the unscrupulous.

One is the wind industry, where “investors” – or rent-seeking bottom-feeders, as they should be more correctly termed – are frequently promised guaranteed annual returns on their investment of 9 percent or 10 percent a year.

No conventional industry could promise such returns, year-in, year-out – let alone guarantee them. The reason that they can is that they are not real businesses subject to the usual rules of supply and demand. They are Potemkin businesses almost entirely dependent for their survival on government-enforced subsidies.

The $1.5 trillion climate industry is Wall Street’s equivalent to the philosopher’s stone. No need for satisfied customers; no need to go to all the trouble of finding out what it is the market really wants: just put up your bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco-crucifixes and watch the money flood in, protected from the vagaries of the market by governments that effectively pay you for what you produce regardless of whether anybody wants or needs it.

People voted for Donald Trump to drain the swamp. They did not vote for him to populate the swamp with ever larger, more aggressive reptiles.



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