Nancy Pelosi’s Illegal-Alien Invaders Want Open Borders

AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli

The little-known group which invaded a press conference by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is an alliance of four amnesty and open-borders organizations which are based in and near San Francisco.

The roughly 30 protestors broke up Pelosi’s press event, shouting amnesty for “All of us — or none of us.”

The left-wingers said they were protesting Pelosi’s claimed September 13 deal with President Donald Trump for a quick amnesty and citizenship for at least 3.3 million illegals. Nationwide, the population of illegal immigrants is at least 11 million.

The 30-minute invasion wrecked Pelosi’s orchestrated media event where she and several illegal immigrants were intended to present a reassuring and hopeful message on the claimed amnesty. Instead of a calm image of several middle-class ‘dreamer’ migrants, viewers saw a riotous demand for more uncontrolled mass immigration into the United States.

The “Immigration Liberation Movement” was formed by Faith in Action Bay Area, the California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance, the East Bay Immigrant Youth Coalition, and a law firm which calls itself Pangea.

The groups try to combine peripheral factions of the left — socialists, illegal immigrants, gays, people trying to live as members of the opposite sex, children of illegal immigrants, Silicon Valley millionaires — to push for open borders, regardless of the huge damage it would cause to the core of the United States.

“We envision a world where the fundamental right to move is respected and appreciated by all,” according to Pangea’s website. “Our view is that all human beings are entitled to respect, documents, and a process through which to move, settle and resettle in the world.”

The site said the Pangea name is copied from the unified Pangea land-mass that existed before the several continents were forced apart millions of years ago.

The political activity does create revenue for social activists. For example, the Pangea law firm employs several lawyers to help block the enforcement of immigration law, saying:

Pangea was created to help fill the great need for the representation of immigrants in both, detained and non-detained, immigration courts.  With over 32,000* immigrants in deportation proceedings in the San Francisco Immigration Court, there is a great need for court and immigration defense services.  Immigrants in removal proceedings need a lawyer because of the complexity of immigration law and the negative consequences of deportation. Also, many immigrants in the court process are eligible for relief or protection under existing laws, and they may have a pathway to citizenship.

The four groups’ goal of open borders would have a huge impact on the United States.

The world’s population is roughly 7.5 billion. That adds up to roughly 20 foreigners for every American, and one European for every 15 non-Europeans.

A 2010 poll by Gallup showed that roughly 6.2 million Mexicans wish to migrate into the United States, as do 23 million Chinese, 17 million Indians, 9 million Ethiopians, 7.8 million people Bangladesh, 77 million people from Brazil, 5 million from Vietnam and many millions more. “If all of the adults worldwide who tell Gallup they would like to move to another country actually did so, the United States could see a net population gain of 60%,” Gallup reported.




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