Ex-Abortion Worker: Planned Parenthood Instructs, ‘We Don’t Want Parents Involved’

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A former abortion worker reveals in a new video that Planned Parenthood specifically instructs its employees not to involve parents when a minor seeks an abortion.

“Parents are a barrier to service,” Monica Leal Cline, former HIV health educator for Planned Parenthood of Texas/NewMexico, says Planned Parenthood officials instructed her. “We don’t want parents involved.”

In the new video, produced by And Then There Were None (ATTWN), an organization that helps abortion workers leave their jobs, ex-abortion workers expose the industry’s alleged quotas for abortions and birth control, as well as the minimal information that counts as an adoption referral, how parents are barriers to making the abortion clinic a financial success, and how young, vulnerable pregnant women are manipulated.

“Most people who go into the abortion industry want to do so in order to help women, yet once they see what really goes on, many are horrified,” says Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director and president of ATTWN. “We need to tell their stories and unmask the abortion industry for what it really is: a predatory, calculated, money-making machine that pounces on women in their most vulnerable times.”

The video features four previous abortion workers:

  • Sue Thayer, former manager at Planned Parenthood
  • Shelley Guillory, former registered nurse at Delta Clinic and Women’s Health
  • Monica Leal Cline, former HIV health educator/Title X training manager at Planned Parenthood
  • Annette Lancaster, former manager at Planned Parenthood

A portion of the video’s dialogue is as follows:

Sue Thayer:

The abortion industry has goals for numbers of, well, every procedure and product that they sell. So for birth control pills, there’s a line for how many you’re supposed to sell in a month; for DepoProvera, same thing. Abortions, same thing.

Shelley Guillory:

If someone called our clinic and said they needed a pregnancy test, it didn’t matter what time of the evening, what time of the day it was, someone went into that clinic and gave her that pregnancy test. If that pregnancy test was positive, the following morning, she was scheduled to come in for counseling. We didn’t tell her we were scheduling her in to come and get an abortion, but when she came in that morning, she was scheduled for an abortion.

Monica Leal Cline:

This is what they’re doing. This is how they meet those Title X [federal family planning grant] requirements—with a pamphlet. But they’re not going to speak to them about those options.


In our clinic, the counseling was done by a phlebotomist.  It was never ever done by a licensed professional. Usually, by the time myself or the doctor arrived, the counseling was already completed.


Well, in my affiliate, an adoption referral was if a woman picked up that envelope, that, that bag, and it had a pamphlet in there about adoption. That counted as an adoption referral. You know, in all my years there, not in any of the 17 centers all across Iowa did we have adoption.  Not once.


Literally, my training from this gay organization and from Planned Parenthood were to give me CDC pamphlets on STDs, to study it, and to just learn how to talk to the community about it. They are not trained by some medical staff, or they don’t have a medical degree of any kind.

Annette Lancaster:

After paying pretty much, um, writing off the balance of the procedure, we would give them, uh, fifty to a hundred and fifty dollars, basically cash, because it was on a Visa debit card for them to get a hotel and gas money to make sure that they came back.

“Planned Parenthood, again, is very aggressive,” says Cline in the video. “They are a sales team. They want to make money, and they want as many customers as possible.”

“They’re not interested in their alternatives,” Guillory adds in the video. “They have one agenda, and that’s to end a pregnancy.”


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