NeverTrumper Peter Wehner Whines: ‘Bannonites’ & ‘The Breitbart People’ Have ‘All the Energy’

Peter Wehner CSPAN

“Never Trump” establishment Republican Peter Wehner urged his fellow establishment elitists on Monday to confront the grassroots populists, “the Breitbart people,” and the “Bannonites” who have all the momentum on their side.

Appearing on Morning Joe, which is the ideal show to use to address his fellow elites in the 3.8 percent, Wehner said his fellow low-energy establishment Republicans need to “have the energy” to “fight” the “populists and the Bannonites and the Breibart people” because “all the energy is on their side.”

Looking as constipated as his fellow elitist establishment Republican Bill Kristol, Wehner urged establishment Republicans to articulate “the vision of a moral good that lifts people’s hearts and captures their moral imagination.”

Wehner, who has trashed the grassroots conservative Tea Party movement and enabled the legacy media to conveniently use him as their useful moron, previously suggested that anti-Trump Republicans form a “shadow government during the Trump era, with the elevation of alternative leaders on a range of matters.”

Milquetoast, insular, and tone-deaf establishment Republicans think voters just want more tax cuts for the super rich, more foreign interventions abroad where other people’s children make the sacrifices, more lopsided trade deals that put America last, and amnesty for illegal immigrants just because their fellow elites in 3.8 percent love those ideas.

As I have previously noted, though, when Wehner and Kristol’s pals controlled all three branches of government during the last decade, they managed to lose “blue-collar Reagan Democrats, young voters, people of color, and the conservative base with their oh-so-brilliant neoconservative foreign policy agenda, crony capitalism and excessive spending at home that turned Washington into the nation’s boomtown, and support for policies like No Child Left Behind and comprehensive amnesty legislation.”

In fact, Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough—before he started sporting metro haircuts—was one of the fiercest critics of Wehner and Kristol’s pals who massively spent the government’s money while ignoring the pocketbook concerns of working-class American voters.

Even establishment Republican New York Times columnist David Brooks conceded during an October 1 appearance on Meet the Press that the GOP establishment cannot defeat the economic nationalists and former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon with their money and organization. He also suggested that the Republican establishment “give up” on House Majority Leader Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) if the establishment wants to win more elections.

“What strikes me about this week is they thought they could beat the nationalists, the Steve Bannon, the Roy Moores, with money and with organization,” Brooks said right after the Alabama Republican Senate runoff that saw Judge Roy Moore thrash D.C. establishment Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL). “And they can’t do that. They need a story.”

Brooks added that if establishment Republicans want to increase their odds of winning elections, what “they need to do is give up on Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. Because that kind of leadership, clearly in the Trump era, is not working.”


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