WATCH: at Same Rate of Fire, Bump Stock Less Accurate than Finger Fire on AR-15

In this Oct. 4, 2017, photo, a device called a "bump stock" is attached to a semi-automatic rifle at the Gun Vault store and shooting range in South Jordan, Utah. The National Rifle Association announced its support Ton Oct. 5 for regulating the devices that can effectively convert semi-automatic rifles …
AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

On Monday Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) tweeted a video showing AR-15 with a bump stock as less accurate than an AR-15 fired traditionally at the same rate of fire.

It should be noted that the person shooting traditionally—Jerry Miculek—is no amateur. He shoots professionally, but this does not defeat the point that someone can use just their finger to reach a rate of fire nearing or equal to that achieved via a bump stock.

Massie pointed out that the video, which proves that Congressional efforts to ban bump stocks are groundless, will just open the door to even more gun laws. He wrote, “[The] proposed ‘bump fire stock’ ban is a red herring that would lead to ban of other firearms and accessories.”

In the video, Eric holds the AR-15 with a bump stock and Jerry holds a traditional gun. They each face a target, chamber a round, and fire at the sound of a buzzer. There is no discernible difference in the amount of time it takes them to run through all the ammunition in their magazines.

It is interesting to note that Jerry not only shot as fast as a bump stock equipped gun—although he only used his finger—but he shot with greater accuracy.

Some may dismiss the focus on the accuracy of Jerry’s shooting by chalking it up to his professional status, but it goes much deeper than that.

As Breitbart News reported last week, bump stocks “are for novelty, not accuracy.” They are so novelty-based that U.S. Army Sergeant First Class special forces soldier Tony Cowden indicated the Vegas attacker was not as deadly as he could have been, had he attacked without a bump stock.

The Daily Beast’s Justin Miller quoted Cowden:

This goes back to Rep. Massie’s central point—that the proposed ban for bump stocks “is a red herring that would lead to ban of other firearms and accessories.”

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