Rep. Al Green Pushes Aside Impeachment Vote Against Trump

US Representative Al Green, Democrat of Texas, speaks about articles of impeachment for US President Donald Trump during a press conference on Capitol Hill June 7, 2017 in Washington, DC. Green submitted articles of impeachment against Trump Wednesday in the first legislative step for any congressional bid to remove the …

Rep. Al Green (D-TX) pushed aside an opportunity Wednesday to hold an impeachment vote against President Trump but insisted that he would not give up on his quest to impeach the president.

Green announced on the House floor that he would offer the impeachment articles as a privileged resolution, which allows House members to force a vote in two legislative days.

However, Green did not show up when the GOP presiding officer motioned to consider Green’s resolution within the hour, allowing the window for considering the vote to pass for the time being.

Green could have forced a vote to challenge the GOP ruling that would have been the first congressional vote toward impeaching Trump.

“I want my colleagues to have a chance to review it and I want the American people to get some sense of what’s going on,” Green told reporters just off the House floor.

Green had not informed Democratic leadership in advance that he would bring up the articles of impeachment, which he first proposed in May.

He already postponed bringing up the articles once because of the shootings in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 2.

“I will not indicate when, but I will indicate that it will be brought up,” Green said.


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