Angel Mom Speaks Out on MS-13 Illegal Aliens: ‘We Are Heading in the Path of Justice’

The three alleged gang members are Victor Rodas, Jose Coreas-Ventura, and Lisandro Posada-Vasquez.
Bedford County Sheriff's Office

The mother of a teenager in Lynchburg, Virginia, is speaking out months after her son was allegedly killed by MS-13 gang members, many of whom are illegal aliens in the United States.

Angel mom Marj Stagno says justice will soon be served for her son, 17-year-old Raymond Wood, whose body was found in March after allegedly being murdered by three members of the violent El Salvadorian MS-13 gang, two of whom are confirmed illegal aliens.

The three alleged gang members are Victor Arnoldo Rodas, Jose Coreas-Ventura, and Lisandro Posada-Vasquez.

“We are heading in the path of justice for Raymond, and I will leave that for what they decide,” Stagno told WSLS of the jury’s decision in the MS-13 murder trial.

The Bedford County Sheriff’s Office recently announced that another two MS-13 gang members have been arrested — 20-year-old Kevin Soto-Bonilla and 22-year-old Cristian Jose Sanchez-Gomez — though neither of them has been charged with Wood’s murder, and their immigration status is unknown.

“When I get those phone calls to say, another person has been captured or they have this person,” Stagno said. “It becomes more and more real even though I know he’s not here.”

Stagno says her son’s last words to her were, “I love you,” and she has been flooded with loving messages from Raymond’s friends who remember him as an upbeat person. Stagno says her son was interested in joining the United States Marines after high school.

“I’ve had a lot of his friends reach out to me afterward and said that he always had something good to say, positive to say,” Stagno said. “I knew I did my part as a mother raising my child.”

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