Student Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail for Bringing Bag of Weapons into Trump Tower

New York City expects to spend up to $146,000 a day on average for the police and $4.5 million annually for the fire department to protect First Lady Melania Trump and 11-year-old son Barron who are living at Trump Tower

A judge gave a student at Baruch College 30 days behind bars after he was convicted Friday of bringing a weapon-filled bag into Trump Tower.

Judge Steven Statsinger handed down the sentence to Alexander Wang, 20, after he found the student guilty on two counts of attempted weapons possession and other violations stemming from the December 2016 stunt.

“I’m deeply concerned about the lack of judgment that would bring a person into Trump Tower with those items,” Statsinger said of the student.

The Fifth Avenue building houses President Trump’s home and the office he used before he became president.

Police busted Wang on December 12 for bringing a bizarre collection of items into the building: a Swiss army knife, handcuffs, a black rope, a garrote, a water gun, and an M-100 firecracker.

Assistant District Attorney Adam Birnbaum argued Friday that the two-foot long garrote could be used “to go around somebody, wrap it around their neck and to kill them.”

Birnbaum added that Wang also had a laptop in his bag containing downloads of “violent” and “sadistic” videos of terrorist acts.

The New York Daily News reports that Wang will serve a year on probation after he completes his sentence.

Since Trump became president, Secret Service and the NYPD have bolstered security outside of Trump Tower. They maintain a presence at Trump’s Fifth Avenue home even when the president is not at his Fifth Avenue residence.


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