Shameless: Latino Victory Fund Ad Features Ed Gillespie Supporters Chasing Minority Children

A Latino Victory Fund ad features an Ed Gillespie supporter with a Confederate flag and a
Screenshot/Latino Victory Fund Ad

A Latino Victory Fund ad features an Ed Gillespie supporter with a Confederate flag and a Gadsden flag license plate attempting to run down minority children. The ad asks whether President Donald Trump and Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie would condone this behavior.

The ad also features footage from the alt-right’s “Unite the Right” rally in August, and the announcer asks, “Is this what Donald Trump and Ed Gillespie mean by the American dream?”

Despite Ed Gillespie’s condemnation of the rally, Democrats continue to try to smear Gillespie and call the Republican gubernatorial candidate a white supremacist. CNN contributor Brian Fallon called Ed Gillespie a white supremacist last week, while the network continues to attempt to convince the nation that CNN is not “fake news.”

Mike Morrison, the American Majority director of communications, reported on Monday what the Latino Victory Fund gave Virginia Democrat gubernatorial candidate and asked whether Northam will return their donations. According to reports, George Soros remains one of the top donors for the Latino Victory Fund:

Cristobal Alex, the president of the Latino Victory Fund, tweeted on September 21 that Northam gave a great speech to the Latino Victory Fund. Alex said, “Future VA Gov @RalphNortham gave an incredible speech tonight at #LatinoVictory reception. Thanks for standing with #Latinos @lecumberry”:

The official Antifa twitter account said on Monday, “. supporters are nazis who are literally running down marginalized people on a daily basis. Be safe. Bash back.”

Javier Gamboa, the Hispanic media director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), endorsed the ad in a tweet on Monday, stating, “Powerful ad from @latinovictoryus”:

Breitbart News reported that the race between Gillespie and Northam remains tight. The election is on Tuesday, November 7:


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