Teacher Wants Students ‘Woke’ for Thanksgiving: Christopher Columbus ‘Personified Evil’


PBS published an opinion piece that canvassed different teaching methods required for approaching Thanksgiving and Christopher Columbus.

The piece by a teacher claims to present the unvarnished “real story’ for both historical markers rather than what it claimed could be construed as a “fake narrative.”

Here is a selection of the article’s conclusions as revealed by the author David Cutler:

My students felt betrayed, angry even, that throughout their elementary and middle school years, teachers had pushed a fake narrative about Columbus, or had done little, if anything, to correct the record.


When it comes to teaching younger children about Columbus, it’s understandable that certain details should be left out. Still, we do students a tremendous disservice when we celebrate only Columbus’s bravery, without noting how he personified evil and wrongdoing.


I leave it to my students to decide if on the fourth Thursday of November they find it appropriate to share what they are thankful for, but I also ask them to consider why many Native Americans use this date to honor a National Day of Mourning.

However you go about teaching these two holidays, remember to include the bad along with the good. Otherwise, you’re lying to your students.

Read the full piece here.

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