Sarah Sanders: Donald Trump’s Kirsten Gillibrand Comments Were Not ‘Sexual Innuendo’

Gillibrand and Trump Split Image
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White House press secretary Sarah Sanders dismissed senators and reporters who reacted to President Donald Trump’s description of Sen. Gillibrand as sexist.

One reporter opened up the White House press briefing by noting that “many” viewed the Twitter statement as “sexual innuendo.”

“I think only if your mind was in the gutter would you have read it that way,” Sanders said about the statement that the senator from New York would “do anything for money.”

An outraged Gillibrand responded that Trump’s tweet was “sexist” and that she would not be silenced.

But Sanders asserted that Trump’s criticism of Gillibrand was reminding the senator of her previous trip to his office to ask for money.

“[S]he’s controlled by special interests and a puppet for Chuck Schumer, none of which make her an independent individual, but more somebody that is controlled by people that help donate money to her cause,” Sanders said.

Sanders added that Trump did not owe Gillibrand an apology.

“He’s not alleging anything. He’s talking about the way that our system functions as it is,” he said. “That politicians repeatedly beg for money, that’s not something new, and that comment frankly isn’t something new.”


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